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Marriage: better outdoors or indoors?

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Preparations for the wedding are almost coming to an end : the participations , the bomboniere , the floral decorations , the theme , the auto , i placeholder , the dress of the groom , hairstyle and make up . But: isn’t it by chance that we forget something? Eh yes: the location ! But which one to choose? Better a solution indoors or outdoors ? To understand it, let’s try to analyze the pros and cons of both solutions.

Outdoor wedding: pro

Organizing an outdoor wedding banquet can really be the ideal solution in spring and summer < span style = "font-weight: 400;">, even in the months like May or September where the heat is not excessive and where it is still possible enjoy a pleasant day or evening out . Organizing a wedding in the outdoor spaces of a location will give your wedding a unique and unparalleled setting . Whether it’s a beautiful garden of a villa , a farm completely immersed in the countryside or a terrace overlooking the sea , the wedding will have a truly enchanting setting to which you will not need to add any kind of decoration. Another advantage to consider then is that you can create wedding photos directly in the spaces of the chosen location. In this way, besides getting very suggestive shots you will avoid disappearing for too long by transforming the ‘arrival in a long and endless wait by the guests.

Outdoor marriage: against

The only real disadvantage that the choice of an outdoor wedding must take into consideration is the possibility that it will rain : who has never witnessed a sudden summer downpour ? Even if you get married in the hottest months of the year, it is not a given that, unfortunately, it may not happen a rainy day . What to do? Those who don’t risk nothing, therefore take the risk if your dream is that of an outdoor wedding, but find a structure that allows a solution in the event a true and proper own temporal.

Indoor marriage: pro

Even indoor weddings are a valid possibility . These are usually preferred in the autumn and winter or in the months when the weather forecasts are very uncertain, as in March or April . A banquet organized in an enclosed space will not let you spend sleepless nights thinking about whether or not it will rain on your wedding day . All your guests will not have to worry about wetting their clothes and your wedding decorations will remain intact because well protected in the reception room that you have scrupulously chosen for the big day.

Marriage indoors: against

A disadvantage of choosing a wedding indoors is the fact that the spaces available are, however large, however limited < / strong>. Therefore, if the number of guests is particularly high, we must realize that we must choose an indoor location that allows us to comfortably accommodate more people . Furthermore, an indoor location, however beautiful, will never give the same breathtaking effect as an outdoor one, if only for the fact that the panorama will not be enjoyed one hundred percent.

In conclusion, there is no right choice between outdoor or indoor wedding . There are only pros and cons that each couple, before making a choice, will have to adequately consider.

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