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Cookie jar: how to choose the perfect one?

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You recently got married : ceremony, reception and trip wedding wonderful, all like a dream. But when the dream ends and the whirlwind of emotions that has accompanied this period subsides, that’s where the beauty begins: living one’s life together , daily, in one’s own home. And the house needs to be furnished : battery of cookware , trapunte , sheets , cushions , tablecloths , plate service , set of glasses , trays , flower pots , bath set . In this mess of things needed for your home, can escape the purchase of an equally important object, especially for gourmands: we are talking about the cookie jar , a functional item and furnishing accessory . In the article we will talk about it by examining < strong> 3 keywords which are: usage, material and style.

What is a cookie jar for? Can’t we just keep the cookies in the same box that contains them when we buy them? In principle yes, we could certainly keep the biscuits in the packages in which we buy them, but it could happen that these, being vacuum-sealed, after being opened are no longer suitable for storing biscuits if we want preserve the fragrance and freshness . Moreover it could happen to want to cook on their own biscuits, and in this case a jar to preserve them is considered necessary. A cookie jar therefore serves to contain biscuits , preserving flavor and genuineness , protecting them from pests, insects, allergens and, why not: from a Fido or Fuffi too gluttonous.

The cookie jars on the market are manufactured with different materials . Let’s see the ones most used:


  • Steel : steel is a particularly preferred material for making cookie jars since its stainless seal is able to protect cookies from external “dangers”;

  • Tin : the tin is a material composed of iron on which it has been applied a layer of tin . The jars built in this material are very resistant , not subject to the wear of time and, which is not bad, very cheaper than other materials. In the case of tin it is a little improper to talk about a can, because it is usually used to say more commonly “tin boxes” , usually decorated with vintage elements with a retro taste.

  • Porcelain : porcelain, this particular type of ceramic, is one of the most commonly chosen materials when deciding to purchase a cookie jar, as it is delicate but strong , fine and elegant.

  • Glass : glass cookie jars are very common as this material not only allows keeping freshness intact of the biscuits it preserves, but also because the glass, being transparent, allows you to see what the jar contains , making the biscuit itself a sort of element that completes the decor. < / li>

  • Other materials: much less used are jars in crystal (too much delicate), in wood (not very suitable), in plastic (practical but not too beautiful to see).

  • Style
    Like any other element that is not born as a piece of furniture, we think of oven glove or a municipality toaster , even the cookie jar tends to be chosen in such a way that the style in which it is designed will fit the design chosen for its decor . So if for example you have furnished your home following the dictates of the shabby style, yes decided to a jar for biscuits in glass ; if instead it has been decided for a ultramodern style, excellent choice for a steel jar, while for vintage or formal furnishings are suitable cans in < strong> tin or porcelain

    It will seem stupid, but even the choice of a cookie jar can ask questions. We hope then to have succeeded in providing solutions to those who are preparing to choose the perfect jar for their home.

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