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Tray: how to choose the perfect one?

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Certainly it is not the first thing to think about when furnishing one’s home: we tend to focus attention on tablecloths , on the bath set , on the battery of cookware and on a plate service or crystal glasses, but a tray that facilitates the transport of drinks and food is essential in any self-respecting house . But how should a perfect tray be? In the article we will try to understand it based on 3 keywords : use, material, style.

Trays are usually used to transport food and drink from one place to another : from the kitchen to the dining room, from the dining room to the bedroom from the bed or, more simply, from the worktop in the kitchen to the table. There are trays of different sizes depending on what they have to carry: there are smaller trays for coffee sets, medium-sized trays for services from tea, and medium-large trays for transporting one or more dishes.

There are commercially available trays of different materials . The most common are:


  • Steel : steel is used to make medium-large trays and is preferred because it is stainless and easily washable;

  • Crystal : this material is preferred for the realization of small or medium trays for the transport of cups or cups . Given its delicacy , it is usually used on special occasions or holidays;

  • Ceramics and Porcelain : these are favorite materials for making trays of any size because, although very delicate, they are very resistant .

  • Other materials : there are trays made of plastic materials , preferred as they are handy, practical and resistant; trays in glass , delicate from very elegant; wood trays, usually used in country or shabby style furnishings.

  • Style
    Like any other furnishing accessory or tool, the tray should also be chosen according to the style chosen for your home . So, do we live in a house furnished according to the dictates of ultramodern style? The perfect choice is the one that falls on a steel tray, simple but impactful; do we live in a house with a very colorful kitchen? Plastic or ceramic trays of the same color or in a nuance that matches the rest of the furniture anyway.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a kitchen tray must be subject to some useful and practical considerations. We hope to have provided the most important ones in order to allow a right and considered choice.

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