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Kitchen utensils: how to choose the colander

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It will not be the first element you think of when you decide to buy an apartment and, consequently, furnish it , but The colander is an essential element in the kitchen like a quilt in the bedroom , a towel set in the bathroom, a tablecloth particular for the dining room or a wonderful flowerpot used as an object that completes the furnishing of its entrance as it reflects the style conferred at home, so we offer everything you need to know to choose the perfect colander .

What is the colander?

The colander, also called colander, is a tool used in the kitchen of hemispherical bucherellata shape equipped with two handles and used to drain pasta cooked but also rice , vegetables and all that, once stewed for example, the need to eliminate water from over-cooking.

What material is it made of?

On the market, there are essentially colanders manufactured in 2 categories of materials :


  1. Metal : the metal colanders are generally made of aluminum or enameled iron , but it is not unusual to find a colander in steel . The quality of a metal colander is one for which the shape tends not to deteriorate despite the high temperatures to which the object is subjected when the food is placed inside it ; the biggest defect instead of a metal colander is that over time this material tends to oxidize i. It is also not an object easily washable .

  3. Plastic material : the plastic colanders are very practical and are chosen more than you think because they are Manageable, resistant, very light ie they usually fall into a much lower price range than that of the metal colander. Furthermore the plastic colanders, more than the metal ones, can be manufactured in the form of a sieve with a single side handle: the choice usually falls on this element when there is little space in the kitchen as they are small objects, they are not bulky and can be inserted into other tools without damaging them. Finally, plastic colanders are preferred by those who love colors in the kitchen : in fact almost all plastic colanders are colored, which allows being able to choose the one whose colors are best match the style of your kitchen.
  4. Which drilling do you choose?

    A really important element to consider is the type of holes on the colander that can filter better liquids depending on their size . The larger holes are great to eliminate all the excess water for a good plate of pasta, and if in greater numbers they allow this operation to be carried out very quickly . Of course they are also suitable for draining freshly washed vegetables and fruit, but they are not suitable for small items like rice grains . The beans can easily fall out of the too large holes and clog the sink. If instead you choose a model of a smaller size colander can also be used to filter tea and herbal teas or broths when you want to separate them from bits of vegetable or meat.

    How are they preserved?

    Like any other kitchen utensil, the colander also needs small tricks to preserve its “health” over time. First of all it is a good habit to wash the colander immediately after each use , so that if it is made of metal, the material does not oxidize and, if made of plastic, does not become worn; then it is necessary to keep the colanders in dry and clean places to prevent them from accumulating dust or allergens which, if we are not careful, we can find on our plates. The safest places are certainly beliefs or high furnishings that have doors.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a colander must be subject to certain considerations. We hope we have provided the essential ones so that we can make the right choice.

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