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Home decor: why choose a cupholder?

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When one thinks of furnishing one’s home one tends to choose elements that can embellish it as much as possible: a beautiful quilt , a wonderful tablecloth , a beautiful flowerpot, a candelabra vintage , a set of bath towels which, in addition to being useful, complete the bathroom decor, and a good set of good-value curtains to give directives on what are the inevitable elements in a home and, among these, there is the set of glasses , in glass, in crystal or other materials. Nowadays, hectic and fast everyday life has increasingly imposed lunches and fast dinners with plastic plates and glasses , in particular then, where to place the plastic glasses once bought ? Easy: there is nothing better than a cupholder < In particular, in the article we will focus on indicating which is the best based on three key words which are: use, material, style.

The cupholder is used, as indicated by the word itself, to position the disposable plastic glasses once purchased. Its use is related both to protection of glasses themselves from dust and allergens, and to maintaining a clean and tidy vision . They usually consist of two or more compartments : a larger one, which holds the plastic cups to hold water and soft drinks , and a smaller one to hold the plastic cups to serve coffee, bitters and liqueurs .

The cupholders can consist of different materials . The most common ones on the market are:


  • Steel . Steel is particularly preferred for making cup holders because it makes the item practical and durable. It is also easily washable and resists bumps and dents;

  • Aluminum . Aluminum is instead less used for cup holders because it is less resistant and makes the element easily susceptible to injury. It also costs a little more than other materials.

  • Plastic . Plastics are frequently used in making cup holders because they allow for a particularly resistant and easily washable element.

  • Wood . Wooden cupholders are preferable for those furnishings that refer to particular styles. In fact, if you have the possibility to choose other materials, however, in keeping with the style of our kitchen, you try to avoid wood as it is too delicate, difficult to wash, tending to wear over time.

  • Style
    Like what happens for example for cushions , for a copridivano , for chandeliers or for a tea service , even the cupholder tends to be chosen to the extent that it suits the design and style of your home : if for example, your home is furnished according to the dictates of shabby style , yes to a nice glass holder in wood with small glass decorations maybe; if instead the furnishing of your home is ultramodern and borders on minimal , better cup holder in steel that matches perfectly with the allure given to the rest of the house.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of the perfect cup holder can lead to some doubts. We therefore hope to have been of help to all those who are intent on choosing the perfect furnishing accessories for their home.

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