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Sofa cover: which to choose?

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Ah, the sofa! Cross and delight for all those of us who like to spend so much time between films, TV series, books, chatter among friends. What could be nicer than buying pillows , a plaid or a quilt and, in the evening when it is raining outside, lie on the couch and watch a good documentary on TV with our four-legged friend who pampers us? We use the sofa more than the bed , and this says a lot about the “dangers” that our lifeless pet is forced to run: cups of coffee and cups of teas turned upside down, water, fizzy drinks, dust and different kinds of stains that are usually very stubborn. However, there is a remedy that can help us protect our sofa and sofa cover , a life-saving element for our beloved three-seater. We talk about it in this article referring to three key words which are: use, material, style .

The sofa cover is usually used when you have non-removable sofas or armchairs : these objects are difficult to wash if not dry, sometimes with not exactly perfect results as one might expect. However, since the sofa can immediately act as a nest for dust, mites and allergens as well as being easily damaged, it is a good habit to buy a sofa cover that is instead easily washable and reusable . There are different types of sofa covers that differ according to the mode they are used for and are:


  • Elasticized : elastic fabric at the edges of which we find springs that allow you to make the sofa cover adhere to the sofa;

  • Safes with ribbons : composed of fabric ending with ribbons to be tied to the armrests of the sofa;

  • Cover sheets : they look like huge lenzuol a without ribbons or springs but extra large able to cover even very large surfaces.

  • In any case, before buying a sofa cover, of any type, we need to know the dimensions of your sofa , so as not to find yourself in the Unpleasant situation of going backwards / forwards to the retailer because the measurements of the protective cover do not fit the sofa.

    There are commercially available sofa covers of different materials . We list below the three most common :


    1. 50% cotton, 50% polyester : most of the sofa covers on the market are made of mixed materials, usually 50% cotton, which guarantees softness , and 50% polyester, which guarantees resistance .

    3. Microfibre : particularly preferable because it is a anallergic and anti-mite matter . The only flaw is that it should be dry-cleaned as it may shrink in the washing machine at high temperatures.

    5. Pile : there is a tendency to use fleece plaid as a sofa cover as the fleece tends to be a natural water repellent and why, after washing it, it is a fabric that dries quickly . Moreover it is very hot , which means that you get two results in one: protection for your sofa combined with a warm cuddle for those who sit down.

    6. Style
      As with a tablecloth , for a battery of pots , for a flowerpot , for a toaster or for a plate service in crystal , even the sofa cover is considered as an adjunct element to ensure that purchases for own furnishing adapt to the style chosen for your home. For example, if you love the warm tones of wood and you have a masonry kitchen in shades of brown and elm, you can choose a sofa cover in natural tones < / strong, like ivory or beige, or in nude tones perfectly adaptable to the design of your open plan living room / kitchen, but if you have an ultramodern living room in which the color gray, you can choose a ice gray or white or black sofa cover which is perfect for fitting to the atmosphere given to the room.

      It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a sofa cover must be subject to considerations. We hope to have been exhaustive in providing the most important ones.

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