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Oven mitt: how to choose the perfect one?

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Oh yes, unfortunately the cold is upon us : the winter season, which makes us think of comfortable quilts under which to protect yourself from the cold, to sweets plaid < / a> in which to pamper yourself and to smoke cups of tea to combat the first ailments, is now arrived: we pose for which costumes and sarongs and prepare ourselves for gloves and hats d i wool . But winter is also the season of the year when the house is lived more than in other periods : you are more together to watch a family movie on the sofa, to pamper yourself in bed with the own four-legged friend, to cook excellent dishes for charity: in summer it is too hot just to prepare them! And, speaking of cooking, how many times in winter do we decide to prepare excellent dinners like baked pasta ? And, how many times have we opened the oven without any protection by burning our hands ? To avoid this inconvenience, which can sometimes be very dangerous, you should equip yourself in the kitchen with a simple element that you sometimes forget: the oven glove . In fact it is usually not the first element to think about when one is buying the elements aimed at achieving the perfect kit , but is instead a tool that in the kitchen is really useful to provide protection to our hands that are already subjected to the stress of cleaning and the cold that looms. In the article we then propose tips aimed at choosing the perfect oven mitt focusing, in particular, on three keywords that are : use, material, style .

The oven mitt is used to recover baking trays from the oven , to open the handle which is usually hot and take hot dishes from the microwave or oven when they are too hot. This allows you to preserve your hands from small abrasions but also from serious burns that could affect our hands. On the market there are oven gloves sold individually or sold in sets of 2 elements or three elements that sometimes also have a coordinated pot holder , and the shape is that of a typical glove with no finger space except for the thumb mold without which things could not be grasped.

The oven gloves that can be found on the market are made with different materials : let’s see what are the most common ones:


  • Fabric : the most frequently used fabric for making oven gloves is cotton ; in fact, once the shape is padded and padded with wadding, it allows to have a really powerful barrier against the heat of red-hot pans.

  • Sponge : the sponge gloves are a little cheaper than those in cotton and have the merit however not only to be excellent heat insulation , but also to be easily washable in the washing machine and reusable, therefore, several times over time.

  • Silicone : there are silicone oven gloves that are extremely heat-resistant but which unfortunately have the defect not to allow the skin to transpire and this is why their use should not last over time.

  • Style
    As is the case for kitchen towels , for tablecloths , for flower pots , for cushions and for everything in a house we can define “ furnishing complement ”, even the oven gloves are now chosen according to the style of your home, as they usually come with no positioned in sight next to the oven , and therefore we tend to choose a glove that matches the decor of your kitchen . For example, if the kitchen in question has an ultra-modern style in which < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> colors such as black and white, it will tend to choose a coordinated oven mitt in those colors; if, on the other hand, your kitchen is decorated in a shabby style, you will be concerned about buying a glove that matches the same style.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of an oven mitt may involve many doubts. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice to all the people who are going to choose the perfect oven mitt.

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