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Marriage: how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet?

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The floral decorations < / a> that adorn the Church where it was decided to marry, the little flowers that sometimes embellish the placeholder and those that are used during the sugared , however beautiful they certainly do not represent l floral element that reigns: all visible flowers that day are eclipsed by the most important flowers , those of the wedding bouquet of the bride . In the article we propose some tips that can help the bride in the choice of the perfect wedding bouquet.

Which flowers to choose?

There is no rule that indicates precisely which flowers to choose for your wedding bouquet: it all depends essentially and above all on preferences of the bride and from the period in which you choose to get married, in case you opt for fresh flowers. Not everyone knows it, but today the trend that has developed is to choose for their wedding bouquet fake flowers instead of fresh, ensuring a series of positive elements : fake flowers have a lower cost than fresh ones, do not stain the bride’s dress in case it is too hot and, more importantly, choose any flower you want , regardless of the season you’re in. However, if you love fresh flowers and you really can’t do without two the elements to consider:


  1. Seasonality : according to the seasons, there are more suitable flowers for certain bouquets instead of others. In fact, if you marry in summer and the flower you prefer does not bloom during this period, it is better to opt for a different flower. There are also flowers called “annuals” whose availability is easy and guaranteed all year round, and which are therefore always indicated, regardless of the month in which you choose to marry. < / li>

  2. The style of marriage : the style that has been decided for marriage must be reflected even in flowers who are chosen for their wedding bouquet. For example, if you have opted for a wedding by day, in a 5-star location, with a decidedly formal tone, the rose is the flower that is right for us : beautiful, eternal, ethereal and wonderfully suited ; if instead you choose a context a little easier for your wedding, yes decided to flowers that completely reflect it.

  3. Let us also remember that when you go to the florist to choose your wedding bouquet, the same flowers must be individually wrapped for those who are the men of the family closer to the groom, as the dress of the groom, the dress of the groom’s father, the dress of the bride’s father, the clothes of the male witnesses of groom and bride must be adorned by the flower instead of the clutch if you prefer a call to the bouquet < of the bride.

    What form would you prefer?

    The wedding bouquet can have different shapes and the bride very often may not know exactly which is the most suitable . There are generally 4 bouquet shapes , and the bride must choose between these 4 the one that best fits the style of her dress and that of her wedding more generally . So the most common shapes are:


    • Compact and round bouquet: simple and without too many finery there, it’s good for short wedding dresses, with wheel skirts or tube .

    • Voluminous bouquet : it has flowers with a very large corolla and / or a long stem and is perfectly suited to simple-cut wedding dresses but sophisticated, like those in empire style .

    • Cascade Bouquet : it fits perfectly with mermaid-style dresses with a train , which still make the dress itself is more romantic. For a matter of proportions then, this type of bouquet fits better to tall brides .

    • Bouquet with a single flower : it is a unusual choice but still elegant and refined. Good for tight-fitting clothes , siren or column style. The peony for example is a flower that lends itself to being used singularly thanks to its so large and consistent shape.
    • Keep it or give it away?

      Which girl after watching a theme movie on TV has not dreamed at least once of attending a wedding and, among many, grab the wedding bouquet of the bride during the fateful moment of the “ launch of the bouquet “? Now become a tradition for all brides, that of throwing a bouquet is a custom expected by all betrothed and unmarried women who, hoping to get married soon, see in grabbing the bouquet a good omen . Legend has it that the woman who manages to take the bouquet during the launch will marry within the year . Not all brides, however, choose to follow this tradition as the launch of the bouquet implies that it must then be donated to the girl who takes it, and there are some brides who have loved their bouquet so much wedding to prefer to keep it for himself. There is no right or wrong choice in this case, it all depends on what the bride’s will is in this sense.

      Choosing your wedding bouquet is not always easy. We therefore hope to have provided useful advice in the article to all brides who are going to choose the bouquet for their big day.

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