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Plaid: ideas to choose the perfect one

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Today the solar time returns: oh yes, summer is really over! The season returns sheets , quilts fluffy and hot, hot milk in our mug preferred wrapped in our most beautiful plaid, among a thousand fluffy pillows . But exactly, What is a plaid ? Plaid is defined as a blanket or a heavy shawl that can be of different materials, features, fabrics . In the article we will take care of providing useful tips aimed at choosing the perfect plaid for your home, using some keywords which are: use, material, style .

A beautiful plaid cannot be said, however large, to be a substitute for a blanket, a duvet or a quilt because its nature, in effect, is not that: i plaid in fact are not very large blankets that you choose when you want to relax, on the sofa or on the bed, watching a good movie or your favorite TV series , certainly not to be used to sleep, even if it can happen to take a nap under its warmth while in the afternoon you can enjoy a good cup of tea after a long business meeting. The peculiarities of the plaid that make the easy and immediate use are its practicality (not being very big so it can be moved from the sofa to the armchair, from the armchair to the bed) and its comfort (usually the plaids are made of very soft fabrics that are almost a caress for the skin of those who use it).

Plaids can be made of different materials . The most common ones on the market are:

Wool: is the most commonly used plaid fabrication because the hottest existing . However, it is probably the most expensive material, especially if it is cashmere plaid, while those in merino wool, of excellent quality, are more accessible instead.

Cotton: cotton plaids are excellent for those who love to cuddle under the covers even when the temperatures are milder because, due to its natural properties, cotton tends to leave a sweet sensation of freshness on the skin, not determining instead that sense of suffocation that can give synthetic fibers, not recommended if it is not very cold.

Pile: is a fabric of synthetic origin of fairly recent invention that presents some features that make it a perfect candidate for making plaids. The fleece in fact is a fabric:


  • Very hot

  • Machine washable

  • Unrestrainable

  • crease-free

  • Economic

  • Style
    I plaid today, as happens for example for the
    tablecloths in the kitchen or for towels , are considered furnishing complements that contribute to giving the bedroom or the living room the style that we intend to recreate . Therefore, it is appropriate to choose a plaid that is matching < strong> with our furniture
    . For example, if you you live in small spaces such as studios that feature kitchen solutions – open living spaces where probably living and kitchen area will form a single environment, the very heart of the house , the sofa or bed are central elements for the home. Precisely for this reason the plaid that you choose will have to make a difference and be especially beautiful to look at since it will be constantly in view. The plaid that best suits this will be a rather “graphic” plaid , with a particular print, a pattern like the classic Scottish and tartan or with a garish color that sets it apart and makes it stand out in the environment. If instead you have little natural light at home or you want to maximize the effect of the light that filters to light up even more the rooms and enhance the medium-small spaces, choose plaid with soft colors It is the right decision, even better if they correspond to a shade already present in the furnishings. These colors will “open up” environments by reflecting sunlight and spreading it around the room; moreover, playing with different textures, all in neutral tones, is a refined way to “visually” warm up the environment.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a plaid can lead to problems and, therefore, we hope to have provided the right advice to anyone who is preparing to purchase this soft element.

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