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Bedroom: which sheets to choose?

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The bedroom is a place where at least one third of our day usually takes place : we sleep in the bedroom, get dressed, choose which nice movie to see at night, we play with the kids or with our four-legged friend. Therefore, it is very important to furnish the room : a nice comfortable bed with lots of cushions , a soft quilt which recalls the colors of walls, lamps or candelabra giving a magical atmosphere of soft lighting, a nice flowerpot that decorates a corner of the room. It seems, however, that something is missing: we have taken care of every little detail and there you forgot to buy an essential element: the sheets for the bed . But how to choose the perfect sheets for our bed? In the article we offer tips that can facilitate the choice starting from some key words that are: use, material, style .

When are we going to use our sheets ? In winter, in spring? A good sheet must be able to provide the basic characteristics of softness and comfort , but must also guarantee stability of body temperature based on the season : it must allow thermal insulation, but at the same time must breathe the skin without creating a suffocation effect. Therefore if we intend to use our sheet during a winter month it is better to choose flannel, while if we intend to use a nice sheet in spring, it is better to opt for cotton.

As indicated by all the guides on how to compose the perfect kit , sheets are an essential element in any domestic environment . The double bed linen sets are usually composed of a mattress cover made up of springs that surround the corners for easy application, a sheet that cover the mattress cover and two pillowcases to use for the cushions, two usually, but a set may not necessarily predict a greater number of pillowcases. But: what material are the sheets made of? On the market there are different materials suitable for the manufacture of sheets. Let’s see which are the most common :


  • Percale: a dense fabric with a simple weave, made in both carded and combed cotton. These types of sheets are the most valuable: the high number of threads gives the fabric a velvety feel.

  • Flannel: a soft, light fabric with herringbone weave, usually made of cotton with a hairy finish on one or both sides. The raised surface provides a soft appearance, offering a pleasant feel to the touch. Fantastic for warming up during the cold winter months nal.

  • Jersey: a plain knit fabric. The fabric is made with circular, flat or warp knit methods. Very elastic, with good draping qualities.

  • Sateen: a fabric structure that has more threads on the right side of the fabric compared to other basic fabrics; this gives the fabric greater softness and a brighter appearance.

  • Linen : this is of a fiber that is particularly suitable for hot temperatures as it has the ability to disperse body heat. It is also a hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabric, also suitable for those who suffer from particular tissue allergies.

  • Silk : it is a fiber of animal origin from which you can get smooth, soft fabrics and particularly valuable. Comes in a slightly higher price range, but not prohibitive and is perfect if you want a fabric that is a real treat for the skin.

  • Egyptian cotton : turns out to be the best type in terms of quality. Egyptian cotton, in fact, is very resistant to washing, does not irritate the skin and is a light and soft fabric

  • Style
    There are different types of sheets on the market that differ from each other according to the texture, the decorations, the colors: how to choose the right one ? It is true that you have to choose based on your own personal taste , but it is also true that today the sheets are also considered furnishing elements , at the same level as set of glasses , < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> tablecloths , cutlery etc. So the advice is to choose the sheets you match with the style of your bedroom : warm and strong tones are preferred for the rooms in modern style ; while a classic style with embroidery and lace and neutral colors is suitable for rooms with vintage, shabby chic or traditional furnishings.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of sheets can be accompanied by many doubts. We therefore hope to have provided the most suitable advice to anyone who is preparing to choose such an important element.

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