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Kitchen utensils: which ladle to choose?

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In the kitchens of all brides you cannot miss tablecloths , set of knives , cookware set , set of dishes, < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline; "> cutlery services etc … There are however equally important elements of which in the kitchen you can’t to really do without: these are kitchen utensils and we will deal here, in particular, with a widely used tool: the kitchen ladle.

What is it?

Ladle or ladle is a tool used to serve or cook liquid foods . It looks like a big spoon from which it differs substantially for three characteristics: the basin is semi-spherical or in any case roundish, to collect the liquid; the position of the basin with respect to the handle is angled so as to allow the collection of liquids even in a vertical position, for example in narrow and tall containers; the handle is long and allows to maintain a firm grip away from heat sources to avoid burning your hand.

What is it for?

The kitchen spoon is basically used to serve liquid food in dishes by taking them from the pots . It is not unusual to also use it to place the short pasta from the pots to the plate, making the operation very simple given its concave shape. Let’s imagine it is a very cold day: what could be more beautiful than two beautiful ladles of broth in a cup to sip in bed, under the quilt warm, why maybe we are sick?

How many materials are there?

The ladles on the market can be of different materials. The most common, however, are essentially 3 :


  • Steel inox . Guarantees a solid grip. Easily washable in the dishwasher as it tends not to oxidize and is particularly preferred because it does not give the food a metallic taste.

  • Aluminum. Aluminum ladles are instead more delicate than those in steel and, therefore, they are not preferred as tools to serve foods that are too acid like tomatoes, aubergines and pickles.

  • Copper. Copper ladles have an unmatched retro charm. They fall into a higher price range but are excellent because copper is commonly an excellent thermal conduction material, and therefore keeps food warm and does not alter its taste. However, it tends to stain, so it is advisable not to wash it in the dishwasher but by hand, with the aid of not too aggressive detergents.

  • Curiosities
    In every city of Italy the kitchen ladle takes on a different name . We in Naples and Campania for example the we call “cuppino” and, when we want to intend to have eaten little, we tend to emphasize that we have been served only a “Cuppiniello” (a small ration) of pasta .

    The choice of kitchen utensils must also be subject to considerations. We hope then to have provided the article with the best advice to anyone who is about to buy a kitchen ladle

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