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Bridegroom: better tie or bow tie?

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We have come almost to the great wedding day and the couple of future spouses has organized everything : participations , bomboniere < / strong> , theme , floral decorations , auto , aperitif , location, honeymoon etc. So, just spouses are left with caring for themselves to get perfect their wedding day In particular, the groom’s dress usually requires an accessory more than the dress, at shoes , to the clutch and jewels: the use of a tie or bow tie. But which one to choose? In the article we propose a small guide aimed at the best choice to make, based on groom’s suit , between tie or bow tie.

“Papillon” means “butterfly” in French , and stands for the bow tie that is used on special occasions to replace a tie. The bow tie consists of a bow < / strong>, symmetrical and of limited dimensions, which closes the collar of the shirt. The garment can be substantially two types :


  • The traditional type to be knotted , consists of a ribbon that is tied with a knot of all analogous to the knot of shoes. The ribbon is mostly shaped in various shapes depending on its appearance and proportions after knotting. Normally the tape has a system that adjusts its length to adapt the garment to the different dimensions of the neck without altering the shape and size of the knot.

  • The pre-assembled type , in a pin or collar version, is an adaptation of that more recent traditional, not loved by many object lovers, in which the knot is sewn, which can also be adjustable in length.

  • The object is also known as bow tie, bow tie, black tie (if it is black to be used only with smoking) withe tie (if it is white to be used only with the tailcoat). The bow tie is used when choosing bridegroom dresses in the form of smoking or tailcoat . In particular, if you choose a tie to use with a tuxedo, it must be black in silk or smooth satin, while if you choose a bow tie to use with the tailcoat, it must be strictly white in egg skin or piquè.

    The tie is a typical accessory for menswear, and It consists of a strip of fabric that is knotted around the collar of the shirt, leaving the extremity down along the chest whose aesthetic utility consists in hiding the vertical strip of shirt buttons. Generally its length is around 150cm, but ties called “XL” are also rare, even 165cm long. This length is closely linked to two main factors : the height of the person wearing it and the type of knot used . The first one has a sufficient influence on the length of the tie so for men with a height equal to or greater than 190 cm we recommend a “XL” tie, so that after having knotted it, you will get about the height of your trousers. The second factor affects even more, because a node with more passages than a simpler one, “engages” more part of the tie in the knot, making it shorter . And, speaking of nodes , below we list the most common ones:


    • Four-in-hand: four steps. This is the most widespread node in the world and takes its name from the eponymous 19th century English club.

    • Windsor: eight passages, it became popular in the 30s of the 20th century when the Duke of Windsor began to use very thick knots.

    • Half Windsor: similar to Windsor but less full-bodied. It is in fact 6 steps.

    • St Andrew: seven steps, particular as it makes the tie stick out from the neck before falling back on the chest.

    • Balthus: nine passages, a very large node, designed by the eponymous twentieth-century surrealist painter.

    • Both the knots and the features of a tie (a tie can be made of silk, satin, piquè, etc.) can be decided at the discretion of the groom, but when should it be used by the groom ? The tie should be rigorously chosen by the groom if he has decided to wear for his big day the tight, the half tight or a classic suit. These are indeed clothes to use during very formal ceremonies , and therefore the use of the tie is a must.

      It is not always easy to understand which accessory between bow tie and tie match your groom’s suit. We hope that this brief guide can be of help to all the spouses who are still a little undecided.

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