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Wedding planner: yes or not?

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TV programs dedicated to the theme of marriage, the figure of the wedding planner has been , today a de facto trade that is taught and learned during actual training courses. The job of the wedding planner, to whom choosing a wedding planner, will mean relying on a person who will have the task of advising you about the ‘ auto to choose from, theme of your marriage, i placehold er , the wedding dress, the bridal shoes , advice on hairstyle and on make up , the participations , the < strong> bomboniere , the faiths , the sugared and every little detail that your wedding concerns. But we are really sure that the wedding planner is essential to organize your own in the article we proposed theme distinguishing it when it is right to say yes and when it is right to say no to the choice of the preparation of your marriage to another person.

When to say yes:

When you don’t have much time available . Imagine that you are a woman who does a job with a fixed schedule, a saleswoman who maybe works 8 hours a day for lunch: when she would take the time to take care of every detail ? Relying on a wedding planner is right in this case but not because it is you who have to choose, but simply to help in the organization of the wedding by going to the supplier of the wedding cake if there are any problems, go to the designated location for floral decorations, be support in choosing the wedding menu .

When you’re undecided . Many couples only know one thing that they want to get married, but they don’t really know where to start : where to go to print the holdings? how to choose the most suitable location? how to organize a candy bar? how to organize a wedding promised? better the led balloons or the fireworks? The figure of the wedding planner is essen

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