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Honeymoon: 5 useful tips to organize it

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We arrived in the evening, the sunset unfolds in splendid colors, and the long-awaited day is coming to an end: the staff of the location where the wedding reception was held is setting up the sugared and, soon, it will be the time of the cut of the weeding cake , followed by the delivery of bomboniere to invites you and the last toast. The married life has started, and usually you choose to open it with a honeymoon. But choose the type, the destination, the duration of your honeymoon is not always simple and, therefore, we propose in the article the basic advice useful to anyone who is about to organize their honeymoon.

Wait at least one day before leaving

The preparations for your wedding were beautiful but really stressful, from the choice of faiths to that of theme < / a>, from deciding the witnesses to the choice of shoes, from auto to street-food aperitif . Not to mention the wedding day itself: day before without sleep, emotions, a thousand wishes, make -up, hairstyle, photo shoot, reception and bed not before 1 am You are happy, but really exhausted, so it is advisable to spend at least one day to leave for your honeymoon, to rest, recharge and live this wonderful experience fully and serenely.

Choose what both like

You are both two sea lovers: you like swimming, doing water sports, dancing on the beach in the moonlight, sunbathing and showing off your tan. There is no doubt: we choose to leave for a seaside destination that excites both spouses. If this happens, however, you are really lucky, but it is much more common for newlyweds to love different things: maybe he loves to visit places that tell the story of the place, she prefers places that offer naturalistic itineraries instead. How to agree? The right word is compromised : you can decide for a place that succeeds in satisfying the desire to know with that of venturing. Many decide then not to rely on pre-established itineraries, but instead to organize a tailor-made journey , built on the basis of the wishes of both in accordance with the budget available.

Halfway between what you like and what is feasible

As we have seen, the honeymoon must be based on choices made in relation to what you want to do . But not always what you want to do is feasible, since it is unthinkable for example to go to the Maldives with only about 1000 euros each. The advice is to find a right mix between what you want to do and what you can do in relation to parameters such as the tastes and budgets of the spouses.

Consider the climate

One of the fundamental checks to be carried out on the destinations desired for one’s honeymoon is as is the climate in the month in which the trip will be made : it is highly recommended to only go to places with ideal weather in the month in question. It seems obvious, but often many couples often overlook this fact. On the other hand there is also to say that with the recent climate changes it is increasingly difficult to make good choices: torrential rains have happened in the months in which historically there has always been good weather and long weeks of sunshine and perfect weather in the cyclone season. However it is always better not to risk fate.

Agency or do-it-yourself?

Couples can decide to either organize their own honeymoon or rely on travel agencies . There are several pros and cons: the travel agency makes it possible for the bride and groom to relieve themselves of the worry of organizing the perfect honeymoon, organizing the trip and allowing the spouses to have more time to do the rest. However, this entails higher costs than the choice of organizing your own honeymoon: it even happens that the costs of a trip organized by the spouses themselves are halved compared to the sum required by travel agencies. However, organizing a do-it-yourself honeymoon is not at all simple and can be a source of additional stress for all those who choose this option.

Organizing the honeymoon is not always easy: it is not enough to just indicate what we like, the parameters to be taken into consideration are many and varied. We therefore hope that these few tips can help all those who decide to spend the first great adventure of their life together on their honeymoon.

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