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Guide to choosing the perfect candelabrum

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When you think about furnishing your own home and everything you need to build the perfect kit < / span> think first of all about tablecloths , at quilts < / span> , to a cutlery service , to a service of glasses, to a set of bath towels etc and, of course, we do not immediately think of buying an element that is more aesthetic than functional: the candlestick is in fact a piece of furniture that with its elegance serves to lend warmth to your home if harmoniously coordinated with the style of your decor . The candlestick has very ancient origins: it dates back to the Etruscans and, in the past, had the function of lighting for use of candles . Today this function has been supplanted by electricity, but the idea remains that a beautiful candelabra gives a touch of retro refinement . Anyone who wants to buy this object therefore needs some information which, below, we will list.

What does a candlestick look like?

A candlestick is a candlestick with two or more arms and is usually quite large. Some kinds of candelabra have soft and classic lines. Others are more modern and minimalist. The materials in which it can be produced are different today: on the market we can find modern materials, such as glass, plastic, pvc, and resin , but if we intend to furnish a retro environment like a living room we can choose antique brass pieces, silver or gold which can obviously have very high costs.

What function does it have?

In the past, when electricity had not yet been invented, the homes of our ancestors were illuminated by candelabras that held candles that, once exhausted, were changed. Today their function is purely aesthetic and decorative : let’s take the case of finding ourselves in a retro-style bedroom in which there are carpets, cushions, a straight curtain from a valance, a canopy bed, a quilt from the classic lines, and, in a corner, a small triangular table perfect to adapt as a support to an opaque silver candelabra that will give an even more romantic atmosphere to the room.

How to choose the most suitable one?

The choice of the style and the color of a candelabrum depend on the design and on the overall furnishing that presents its home: it is not recommended a candelabra in brass if the decor of your home is modern; better to opt for a PVC candelabra that recalls the colors of your bedroom, perhaps lacquered; instead it is extremely pertinent to a vintage style a three-arm silver candelabra with a massive base.

A candelabra as we have seen today has an aesthetic function, although nothing would prevent its use on an important occasion, perhaps a candlelit dinner for the anniversary of one’s own wedding. We hope we have provided the essential elements to guide those who choose to buy this object full of charm.

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