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Marriage: how to choose wedding witnesses?

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Marriage preparations come to an end : the participations have been sent, the theme of your reception was chosen, the bomboniere packaged, the wedding list in short: All that remains is to pronounce the fateful” yes “. But: marriage, whether civil or religious, requires that there be two or more witnesses to the pronouncement of that yes which, by their very presence, establish the validity of the function celebrated. The choice of wedding witnesses is really relevant because they have immediately a special role within the marriage: witnesses in fact become a real help in the whole organization of marriage: they guard the < a href = "http://www.giordanocorredi.it/2017 10/12/fedi-nuziali-guida-alla-scelta/"> faiths , help in choosing the groom’s dress , recommend for the bride’s jewels , give advice about the type of auto to rent and to the type of floral decorations for which to opt in short, wedding witnesses have a fundamental role throughout the duration of the marriage, from ‘beginning at the end, from the delivery of the participations to that of the favors . It is not always easy to choose one’s own wedding witnesses: for those who do not choose the choice immediately immediate we propose advice that can be indicative for all those who need it.

Choose family members as wedding witnesses

Who better than a brother or sister knows the tastes of the spouses? Who could recommend better? Who would be happier to be a help in organizing the marriage of one’s brother / sister? It is not unusual for the choice of wedding witnesses to fall on family members , because no one knows more than them your tastes and nobody better than them will be able to direct you in the different choices that will be waiting for you , from the number of courses to be proposed for the menu to the type of sugared to accomplish.

Choose your best friend as a witness for your wedding

He knows you like a brother or sister, a person who does not share blood ties with you but a link by choice : choose < strong> a friend of the heart as a witness of his own wedding is a very frequent choice since there are no more true friends of the heart and you can always count on the fact that every advice corresponds to a sincere, sometimes brutal, but always sincere thought.

Choose a neighbor as a witness for your wedding

Not always a special friend meets when you’re a teenager. Life is full of surprises and events, so it is very easy to get to know people who can become very special even at a more mature age, such as a work colleague or someone known in the gym or on a course. If we are faced with a sincere friendship, we are also in front of the perfect base for a nearby person to be your wedding witness.

What requirements should wedding witnesses present?

The choice of wedding witnesses must fall on people who are adults and who are in possession of civil rights . For ceremonies with religious rite , witnesses must have received the sacraments of baptism, communion and confirmation , while for what concerns ceremonies with civil rite < / strong> just be in possession of the civil rights mentioned above. According to etiquette, witnesses must be notified at least two months in advance and, they will have to accept or reject the proposal in a short time. The number of witnesses can vary : from a minimum of two to even three witnesses for the bride and three for the groom.

It is not always easy to implement a decision as important as choosing one’s own wedding witnesses. It is therefore advisable to choose witnesses from the heart, avoiding personal interests or other reasons. We hope with this brief article to have been of support to all those who are going to choose their own wedding witnesses.

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