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Marriage: guide to choosing the groom’s suit

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When we talk about marriage and clothes, the first thing we think about is the wedding dress, but even the groom has his importance on this day < / strong>: once the decision has been taken together for the holdings , placeholders , the favors the location and all that contributes to the realization and the perfect marriage, both the bride and the groom must devote themselves, starting with the choice of the dress. So let’s see in the article what are the tips that can guide you in choosing the groom’s suit .

Which color to choose?

The choice of the color of a groom’s suit can be really varied: some spouses choose gray, black, blue and others even white . Even if everything depends on the very personal taste of the person who chooses, the dress code imposed by the experts tends to advise against the white for the groom’s suit as it steals the bride’s scene: colors are considered much more suitable black and dark blue because, in contrast, the bride’s dress stands out and then they are really two colors that give enormous elegance, especially if chosen in the glossy version.

Which typology to choose?

There are different types of clothes to choose from , each of which fits a particular type of wedding. We list the most common:

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  • The tight. The classic tight consists of a jacket in anthracite gray or black with wide tails to be worn laced up. The trousers are in gray and black stripes. The short tight includes the double-breasted vest in light gray light cloth. The shirt has double cuffs, closed by twins and a stiff neck. Gray plastron tie stopped by a pearl pin. The tight should be worn only for formal ceremonies held in the morning. The etiquette requires that if the groom chooses this type of dress, the father, brothers and witnesses of the groom will also have to wear it.


    • The tight medium . Even this dress is wearable only for formal ceremonies that take place in the morning. This suit is very similar to the normal tight except for the fact that the jacket is without tails and shorter than the one a classic tight would present.


      • The tailcoat . This is a very elegant type of dress to use but only in the evening . However, it is not particularly coveted by spouses as it is to be used only for truly exclusive weddings such as royal weddings or in any case of a certain prestige . The charm of this precious masculine dress strictly black consists in the cut and especially in the line of the jacket. The latter, short in front and long behind, (with the so-called dovetails) perfectly shapes the male silhouette. The trousers are always black and have no cuff. The one-breasted waistcoat and the white bow tie are a must-have.


        • The tuxedo . The tuxedo is not a suit exactly like a bridegroom and in fact it is used more for social events than for your wedding day. However, many spouses choose it when it is decided for a formal marriage, in the evening, and with a civil ceremony.


          • The classic dress . Whether gray, black or blue, it includes the single-breasted jacket, without slits, the trousers without lapel at the bottom and the white shirt with cuff links at the wrists . In summer you can dare a tie with a more lively and brilliant color, and a polite pattern is allowed, while the clutch in the breast pocket of the jacket must be in white linen (to avoid absolutely the banal coordinate between clutch bag and tie). Strictly black and lace-up shoes.

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            • The broken suit . If the tone of the marriage is informal, the groom’s dress will be equally easy and at the same time original. The broken suit is the right choice . Especially for the very young who decide to get married in unusual and unconventional locations. If the groom decides to wear a broken suit, the choice of solutions is endless: from the suit with a plain-colored jacket to striped trousers, to the jacket with motifs printed on monocolor trousers. The choice of a broken dress allows different solutions: the important thing is that everything results in a sober and elegant set.
            • Which accessories do you prefer?

              The accessories that the man must wear must coordinate with each other and enrich the dress: obviously we talk about shoes, cufflinks and objects of different types, but the accessory that most characterizes the figure of the groom on his special day is the choice of a white silk clutch bag to be inserted flush into the pocket of the jacket or a replacement flower . Many spouses prefer the flower because it is an element that connects spouses: the flower worn by the groom must in fact be of the same type as the bride’s bouquet.

              Even the choice of a groom’s suit can lead to many doubts and hesitations, like that of the bride. The general advice is to always adapt the dress chosen to theme decided for your wedding . We hope to have clarified with these few tips all the possibilities that are presented to anyone who is about to buy a bridal gown.

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