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Bath towels: how to choose?

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Essentials in every kit worthy of respect, bath towels differ a lot , both in terms of aesthetics and the type of materials they are made of. It will seem trivial, but also the choice of bath towels imposes essential advice, so as to prefer those who most they adapt to their needs, in terms of material and style, to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Let’s start by saying that when choosing bath towels it is essential to opt for a quality product : in fact they will come into contact with our body and it is unthinkable to choose a product whose material can cause toxicity to our skin. But it’s not just this: like a tablecloth and a centerpiece < / span> in the kitchen, of a serving glasses and one of cutlery for the dining room, g the bath towels have acquired more and more, besides their functionality, a different value; in fact they are considered furnishing complements useful for contributing to the style that has been given to your bathroom. Therefore two factors are i which must be taken into consideration when choosing bath towels: function and style .

The primary function of a bath towel is to dry precisely our skin giving a pleasant feeling of well-being. Therefore it is essential, when choosing a towel that maximizes the use to which it is used, take into account the material, the dimensions, the number:


  • Material . As we have mentioned, the choice of a bath towel must first of all fall on quality elements: it is therefore necessary to opt for hypoallergenic and soft fabrics that do not damage the health of our skin. Usually for bathroom linen you opt for cotton because it is the fabric that better than any other can guarantee absorbency softness together. Cotton towels can be of different types: terry towels , softer than any other, honeycomb towels very light and very absorbent, and jacquard towels . If you are looking for an excellent product then you can opt for Egyptian cotton which costs a little more than any other fabric but is qualitatively much superior. In any case, make sure that the label of each towel expresses in a specific way that it is 100% cotton fabric . As an alternative to cotton, towels of linen microfiber , both very delicate in contact with the skin.

  • Size . The second feature that must be considered when buying bath towels is their size. There are usually bath towel sets composed of a pair for the face , of average size, from a smaller pair , for intimate hygiene, and from a pair of bath towels very large, usually used to dry after the bath / shower instead of the bathrobe. It is not said however that you cannot buy bath towels as individual pieces , which are therefore not part of of a set, or not to prefer a set in its entirety because maybe the pair of larger sheets is not used: everything depends on the needs of the buyer.

  • Numerosity . The third element to consider is how many bath towels you need to have . There is actually no precise rule: the number of towels in fact depends a lot on from the need of those who buy . If, for example, you are in front of a large family, it would be useful to buy at least one set of bath towels for each member, more if you consider that in winter it is more complicated to let the laundry dry. If instead you live in a single apartment it would be good to buy at least two sets of bath towels, one darker and the other light. However, these are very approximate indications, as it could also be that a person chooses to buy 10 sets of bath towels because he may have found a convenient offer or because he prefers, from time to time, to use a single set of matching towels, changing them accordingly. at least one every 2 days.

  • Style
    The style refers first of all to the fact that the choice of bath towels must take into account some aesthetic considerations . In fact, there are different types of towels: colored, completely white, embroidered honeycomb, of colored sponge, of pastel-colored linen, with small symbols designed, with the initials engraved so that they differ for each member of the family. The choice is really vast, so much depends on the personal taste of those who buy. The only advice to follow, however, is to coordinate bath towels in the style of your bathroom as, as we said previously, when buying a set of bath towels we also consider the fact that it becomes a piece of furniture and therefore to combine with the tiles, the features, the color of the bathroom fixtures, the more general design of your bathroom. If, for example, we are faced with bathroom tiles that have cold colors like gray, it would be useful to choose a set of coordinated towels in ice gray or white with dark gray embroidery; if instead the bathroom has a French-style bathtub it would be useful to coordinate white linen bath towels with embroidered French lace borders.

    Although it may seem trivial, it is not always easy to choose a set of bath towels. We hope to have at least provided the most useful advice to those who are about to buy a set of bath towels.

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