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Flower Pot: Which to Choose?

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Like a centerpiece , A beautiful flower vase can embellish our home giving it a cozy atmosphere . The flowerpots can be of different types, shapes and materials and, therefore, we propose in the article useful tips that can guide you in choosing an element that, with its elegance, contributes to furnish the home.

There are different types of flower pots and, of course, each type adapts to a different environment. Confining ourselves to dealing with interior flower vases , the types are:


  • Large pots. To be used at the entrance as a furnishing element or in the bedroom bedroom, large flower pots are placed on the floor and serve to contain long-stemmed flowers, such as sunflowers or roses.

  • Medium-sized vessels . Medium-sized vases are usually placed on the kitchen table, in the dining room and sometimes even in the bathroom to give the room a more pleasant appearance. They serve to contain flowers with not too long stems or bouquets.

  • Small pots . They are usually used to contain small fat plants or very small flowers, and are usually placed on shelves or small furnishings. The latest trends have also transformed such small pots into small magnets to stick to the fridge and contain tiny, but true, fat seedlings.

  • Form
    The shape of the vases that contain flowers can be really very different : cylindrical flower vases, square-shaped flower vases, flower vases colored, oval-shaped vases etc. You can really choose from an infinite number of shapes, and therefore the only advice to give is to always adapt the type and shape of the vase to the furnishing and style of your home : if you are chosen for example for a decor in which the white color prevails, you should choose a coordinated vase, perhaps of the same color, while if you prefer a hi-tech design better to prefer small vases with square shapes.

    The materials used for indoor flower vases can be of different types. The most common materials are:


    • Ceramics . Particularly preferred for medium-sized vases to be used as a centerpiece on “resting tables” or set, perhaps coordinated with tablecloth choice. < / li>

    • Porcelain . Preferred instead for small or medium-sized vases, porcelain is a very delicate material and, therefore, chosen for flower pots to be used on special occasions.

    • Crystal . Crystal is a particularly fine and elegant material usually chosen for large-sized flower vases used at the entrance of one’s home and containing fresh flowers or fake flowers, but usually fake flowers precisely because their purpose is to furnish and, not ruin them, we prefer not to wash them every day.

    • It may seem trivial, but even choosing a flowerpot can sometimes create doubts. We hope then to have provided useful advice to anyone who is about to choose a flowerpot.

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