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Marriage: guide to car selection

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The wedding day is almost here : everything has been designed, the wedding invitations were sent, the location decided, le faiths guarded by witnesses, the floral decorations < / span> , the theme , the shoes , the clothes, everything is ready. But just a moment: how will the bride and groom go to church ? If you are not the Cinderella of the third millennium and do not intend to arrive by carriage, the choice falls on the car or, for the most eccentric, on the motorcycle. The wedding car is one of the most scenographic elements of the entire wedding , so much so that they steal the show from everyone for a few seconds, until the doors open and reveal the bride in all its beauty. It is not said that the choice of the car is as immediate as one might think as the elements to be considered are different and we propose, in the article, to indicate at least the essential ones.

Choose the most suitable car

Utility vehicle or custom-built? vintage or super accessories? classic or sports? Choosing a car for your wedding poses different questions : it’s not enough just to refer to your personal taste but different parameters must be considered. Essential first and foremost is that the chosen means of transport is in line with the style decided for your wedding , so as not to clash with the recreated atmosphere. Three are therefore the most important parameters to consider:

Style of your own wedding. As we have just mentioned, the type of car chosen must be in line with the style given to your wedding . Let’s say for example that you have chosen a theme for our wedding that is a particular color, red maybe: why not opt ​​for a car of the same shade? The categories of cars from which to choose for your wedding are, in principle, 4:


  • vintage cars, vintage

  • luxury saloons

  • sports cars, supercars

  • limousine

  • The choice should fall on one of these four categories based on the style you have given to your wedding: if you have opted for a vintage wedding , the choice could be that of a vintage car or a convertible beetle; If instead you decide for a classic wedding the choice could fall on a limousine or, again, if you choose to give a romantic tone to your wedding the choice could fall on a sedan in pastel colors. Even the decorations outside the car must respect the style chosen for their wedding: flowers, tulle, ribbons and small symbols are therefore absolutely allowed if they match the allure of the wedding. For example, to a tangle of cans linked to the rear fender of the car if you chose a vintage car that adapts to a completely retro taste given to your wedding.

    Bride’s dress. Less rarely than you might think, the bride’s choice of dress can have a more or less important impact also on the choice of car for your wedding . If indeed the bride has opted for a princely dress with a very wide tulle skirt, there is a need to choose a type of car that is spacious enough to allow the bride to sit comfortably; if instead the bride has decided for a mermaid-style dress, very close-fitting and not very pompous, the choice of car can fall on any type of car, always making sure that it adapts to the style of your wedding.

    Places of marriage. The car chosen for your wedding will have to go first to the groom’s home and take him to church; after which he will have to go to the bride’s house to accompany her to the Church; once the function is over, he will have to accompany the newlyweds to the place designated for the photo shoot and, finally, to the location where the wedding reception will be held. A lot to do! The type of car chosen must take these places into account : it is not advisable to choose a limousine for example if to get to the bride’s house you have to face tight turns, it is preferable to choose a smaller car, and it is preferable do not choose sports cars, low, if the wedding location is located in a country location: the car would risk damage during the journey.

    Driver: yes or no?

    The groom’s grandfather has a beautiful 1940s sedan that blends perfectly with the vintage style that the spouses have decided for their marriage: he is willing to lend it to the spouses, but he does not want to drive it so as not to lose any emotion on the most beautiful day of his little nephew, who is now a man. Who will drive the car? Spouses can decide or ask someone to be their driver, be it a friend or stranger paid to perform the role, or decide that the groom is driving the car , except for the moment when you have to go to the bride’s house. It is preferable that the groom does not drive however as it is his big day: so many emotions all together and the desire to live every moment, even the smallest detail with his future wife could distract him and make him less polished driving: think if , all excited, forget the way to get to the location of the reception! But if the groom has chosen to drive himself, then the etiquette requires the bride to sit in the front seat next to her husband.

    What are the prices?

    Based on the assumption that the bride’s family usually pays for the wedding car, the car could be donated by a guest, by witnesses, by a friend without spouses must therefore worry about costs. But, if this were not the case, the cost of renting a car varies greatly depending on the type of car chosen . There are several agencies that allow you to compare the prices for car rentals and we offer three of the most famous ones in Naples:

    Car for ceremonies F.lli Di Franco

    Via della Villa Romana, 205 Napoli

    You can choose a prestigious car for your best day at the Di Franco car hire office in Naples.

    Car Hire Special Rent Car & Charter

    Via San Giacomo of the Capri 63 / D Vomero – Naples

    Special Rent has decades of experience in the luxury car sector which will guarantee the high professionalism of the service provided.

    Meridiana Service

    Via Marciano 1, Acerra – Naples

    Classic, sporty, modern, refined, elegant, luxurious or vintage are the cars that you can find in the magnificent Meridiana Service stable. You will be spoiled for choice.

    Choosing the car for your wedding is not always a simple operation as you need to take into account different parameters. We hope with this article to have contributed to making the ideas clearer to those who are about to choose a car for their wedding.

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