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Centerpiece: choice guide

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When it comes to furnishing your home and, in particular, we refer to everything that concerns the style to be given to your kitchen , you don’t always immediately think of using a centerpiece to be placed on the kitchen table or, if it exists, on the dining room table. To some it may appear to be a superfluous element, almost useless, when instead it is a simple and highly effective piece of furniture, essential to make the atmosphere of the room more welcoming . In the article we propose then a series of useful ideas to choose the perfect centerpiece.

Centerpiece: always or only for special occasions?

Usually in a house we find more than one centerpiece due not only to the fact that in a home there may be more than one dining table, but also because it tends to differentiate centerpieces based on the use made of them . We will then find, in principle, two broad categories of centerpieces:

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  • Centerpiece to use every day. Our everyday life is marked by different moments that are lived around the dining table : breakfast made with a nice tea service , the time of the lunch when the family meets and the table is decorated with a beautiful tablecloth , the moment of dinner when you order a pizza is the only thing you need is a napkin holder < / span> and a set of glasses . However, when the table is” at rest “it is not certain that it cannot be embellished with an imaginative centerpiece . The centerpieces to be used daily can be of different types : they exist functional centerpieces, such as those made from baskets that contain seasonal fruit or bread; decorative centerpieces , like for example the backsplashes or centerpieces composed of flowers and alternating candles chosen in an attempt to reflect the same style of their own decor; tailor-made centerpieces , created especially for the own table by expert hands or following one’s own creative attitude: an example can be centerpieces consisting of ampoules of crystal where fat plants are inserted, or still dishes colored of different sizes in the center of which we find articulated floral compositions.


    • Centerpiece to be used on special occasions . During special occasions it is essential to decorate your table with wonderful centerpieces . Let’s think for example of two important holidays like Christmas and Easter: these are moments in which the whole family gathers, eats, chats, has fun together and sees people who unfortunately don’t meet every day because of the speed of life today. What more special occasions to exhibit fabulous centerpieces able to amaze the whole family? a Christmas for example a nice idea for the centerpiece to show off the evening of the dinner is that of intertwining mistletoe around a piece of wire worked in such a way that it forms a circle: red ribbons all around, red candles studded with glitter in the center of the composition and small chocolates tied to shaped ribbons of sleigh, reindeer, gift package, beard and Santa’s hat, goblins and small candy canes. Also Easter offers not a few ideas: a wonderful option for a centerpiece could be to paint eggs with the help of children, and then lay them on straw in a wicker basket decorated with green and yellow ribbons and small stuffed animals depicting bunnies and chicks.

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      Centerpiece: which materials do you prefer?

      It is not easy to indicate the materials to be used for the realization of centerpieces considering the fact that there are different shapes and features. As a rule we can say that as regards centerpieces of sporadic use as can be an occasion such as Christmas, the materials to be used can be among the most diverse : it is possible to choose both resistant materials and easily perishable materials if you have the idea to recreate a centerpiece useful only for that Christmas and change / modify the following year. On the other hand, the issue related to the materials to be used for everyday centerpieces is presented here: < b> need to have a beautiful piece of furniture that is also easily resistant to impacts and not very perishable. If, for example, you have the idea of ​​using a tray that contains fruit as a centerpiece, it would be good to choose one of metal so that the smells and characteristics of the preserved fruit do not alter their shape and features; moreover, a centerpiece would be chosen in this way practical as it allows to determine the positioning of the newly bought fruit and is easily washable.

      Centerpiece: which style do you prefer?

      Whether it’s a centerpiece used for special occasions which of a centerpiece used every day there is only one useful advice to choose the perfect centerpiece: adapt the centerpiece to the style given to the furnishing of one’s home. For example, if the house is furnished following one vintage style , a perfect centerpiece could be formed by feathers and crystals that give your table a charisma that is so” Grande Gatsby “. If instead you have opted for a minimal furniture both in shapes and colors, a simple centerpiece in steel with incisive forms, a true design object. Again, if you prefer the warm atmospheres which invite you to sit together on the couch while cooking the dinner in the oven is very special idea of ​​a candelabrum in silver or even in crystal whose soft light of candles helps to give a soft and relaxed tone to the environment that illuminates.

      It will seem trivial, but even the choice of an element such as the centerpiece can lead to many doubts. We hope then to have succeeded in this article to provide the guiding ideas useful to all those who are going to buy / make the perfect centerpiece.

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