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Canovacci: how to choose?

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Inevitable in or g ni corredo worthy of respect, kitchen towels (also called tea towels) are essential in every home environment : we use them to dry cutlery , the pots , i dishes , i glasses and sometimes to recover baking trays. The practicality of these elements has made them so essential that even now let’s pay more attention to their existence : we are indeed so dependent on some household chores that we think are supplied with the kitchen itself! Their irremissibility has however overshadowed the fact that even kitchen towels are elements that furnish : how many women have used completely uncoordinated tea towels with the furnishing of their own kitchen because a gift from a grandmother or a aunt? Even kitchen towels have evolved, and from simple rags they have also become furnishing accessories whose purchase does not it can disregard the style of your home : green dominates the kitchen? very good: canovacc the coordinated in various shades of green. Precisely because of this multiplying purpose, it is not always useful to choose the best kitchen towels , which is why we offer some advice aimed at choosing the perfect kitchen towels .

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We are faced with a kitchen in which the cold colors of white and gray dominate; we chose a tablecloth in ice gray and a set of steel cutlery; a set of glasses by crystal and a napkin holder satin white and gray mouse. How could an oil-and-green checked canvas with the style we decided to give our dining room not tune out? The canvas no longer has just one reason to be, that is to say useful rag in household chores, it is itself a furnishing complement which therefore must be coordinated with the style given to one’s own home. Do we prefer a shabby style? totora and white checked canvases; do we opt for an imaginative style? super colored tea towels; hi-tech kitchen? black and white tea towels with geometric patterns.

How many tea towels to buy?

There is no precise number of canvases: we say that their number depends on the frequency of their use . We are in front of a large family in whose kitchen a full meal is prepared for lunch and dinner; probably to dry six dishes, 12 cutlery, 6 glasses, wash the average of two pots per meal and dry them you will need, hoping that you do not stain, at least four tea towels a week, more if it is winter and the laundry does not dry quickly. If, on the other hand, we are in the house of two newlyweds who both work and meet only for dinner, with a little luck, a maximum of two tea towels a week may suffice. The advice is to buy at least 3 sets of kitchen towels : place that usually every set consists of 3 tea towels, we will have at least 9 at home and, if we find ourselves in front of coin-saving offers, we can buy even more as they are small and thin and do not clutter up.

What material do you prefer them?

The main function of a kitchen towel is to dry cutlery and cookware . Therefore it would be useful to choose tea towels that absorb excess water with little effort. The preferred materials are:


  • sponge cloths , which perfectly absorb even the smallest drop of water. However, they should be washed at least twice to prevent them from linting just after first use.

  • honeycomb dusters , which absorb excess water perfectly. They are light, practical and easily machine washable.

  • microfibre cloths , which are among the most common today. But beware of quality: not all microfibre cloths have the same effectiveness in drying. Then choose trusted brands that you have already heard about or do little research on the internet to avoid unnecessary expenditure of money.
  • Shapes and colors

    The tea towels usually come in a rectangular shape, often in a square shape and rarely in a triangular shape . This is because a different form would hinder the practicality that this element must necessarily preserve. Nowadays however, having conquered the target of “furnishing element” we could find the most disparate forms of kitchen towels used only as furnishing accessories positioned on hooks or next to the oven handle. In the same way, the style in which a kitchen towel presents itself can be very vast: colorful tea towels; perfectly white tea towels; tea towels depicting flowers, small objects, symbols; tea towels that depict cartoon characters; canvases with squares, stars, little hearts; Christmas themed tea towels and custom canvases with a favorite phrase, their name, their initials. The list is endless and could go on and on as there is an endless variety of elements to choose from. The advice remains to choose tea towels based on the style you have decided to give to your home.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a simple kitchen towel can create doubts. We hope then to have provided the guidelines to all those who are going to purchase this very useful object.

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