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Wedding cake: how to organize it?

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In recent years, a practice has spread very much for the final moment of the wedding reception, that of setting up the so-called wedding candy bar . What is it? Imagine we are at a reception: we are at sunset, lunch is over, it is a beautiful evening and all guests are invited to sit in a different environment of the structure to relax while waiting for wedding cake . In a corner, however, just next to the one in which the wedding cake will be served, you find yourself before a magnificent spectacle: a long table on which are placed many small ampoules containing confetti of all tastes ready to sweeten the palate of the sweet tooth.

We propose in this article to provide guidelines for the creation of the perfect wedding candy.

The first thing you need to consider if you decided to enrich your wedding with this sweet moment is to whom to entrust the organization of the sugared almond . Spouses are generally offered three options :


  1. Agree with the structure . Many staff offer the possibility to the spouses, who have chosen to carry out their wedding reception at their facilities, to organize the candy in the context of the trend spread in recent years. This gives the spouses the advantage of entrusting everything to a single coordinated staff and not to pay an ad hoc professional figure.

  3. Rely on a professional in the sector . There are professional figures, like the one of the wedding planner , who is entrusted with the task, parallel to that of the location staff, of making the most beautiful day of the spouses perfect and cared for down to the smallest detail. The choice to rely on professional figures that deal only with this gives the spouses the opportunity to be sure that every little detail, request and why not, whim, are satisfied. Obviously this option requires a higher cost since these are professionals who collaborate with the staff of the location of which however they are not part.

  5. Home made: pros and cons . Some spouses may decide to organize their wedding candy alone : let’s say that the bride is a wedding planner herself, or that the groom is the owner of a confetti factory, or that he is simply a of the two is a creative person who has decided to make the decorations for his own candy. Deciding for home made first of all gives the idea of ​​being fully involved, materially involved in the organization of your marriage, and also gives you the chance to totally customize this moment of your reception . Obviously this involves a cost both in terms of price and time: you have to buy the confetti, the ampoules in which to store them, the decorations for the table, the floral decorations , the little bags in which each guest will put their confetti, the plates to indicate the tastes of the confetti, etc. without counting the stress that this involves for two people already excited for their special day.

  6. Composition
    Today there is a really amazing variety of confetti : it goes from the confection from the classic crushed almond shape to the rounded one with the taste of Neapolitan pastiera, from the dark chocolate one with the strawberry one, from the tiramisu one to the yogurt one. The huge variety of shapes and tastes is indicative of how much the moment of the sugared almonds has become important in the organization of one’s own wedding , no longer an option but a must-have like wedding favors , flowers or holdings . Usually the corner where it will be organized the wedding cake consists of a long narrow table similar to the one on which the buffets are set up and on which there are drapes, tovaglie or, if it is made of glass, directly the elements. On the table then, in a harmony of shapes from the smallest to the largest, are positioned some ampoules and backsplashes of crystal in which the confetti are stored: each ampoule will have its own blade to allow guests to use yourself; for each container there will be a plate to indicate the taste of the confetti it contains , then there will be small bags, or sachets, or caskets in which to store the confetti chosen by each guest. / span> The tastes of the confetti as we have mentioned are really innumerable and the choice is really very personal. The only line to respect regards the color : the confetti for your wedding must be strictly white .The scope of the confetti instead varies depending on the number of guests: they are calculated on average from 10 to 15 confetti per guest , more if there are children you know, they are the sweetest guests, but be careful not to overdo it because of the worries that the confetti are not enough to avoid waste both of materials and resources.

    A single rule for the preparation of the sugared almonds for their wedding : respect the themed and the style chosen for their wedding. If the theme chosen for your wedding is nature in a country-chic setting then a setting that recalls the theme will be preferred: flowers, shabby-style decorations, fruit, leaves, ribbons in various shades of greenery, jars, decorative lanterns. If instead you have opted for a wedding in a location near the sea and the chosen theme is precisely the marine one we give space then to theme-colors that have accompanied us throughout the wedding: maybe tiffany green or blue , small shells to decorate the table, chalk seahorses, ampoules filled with water with fake crystal fish, colored sand, bags in the shape of an umbrella to store confetti, utensils in the shape of a scoop to take the confetti and, for the smaller children, but only for them, colorful confetti in the shape of a starfish.

    The scenic effect at a wedding is essential : therefore the table of the sugared almonds must be impeccably set up. The ideas for setting up a wedding candy in which everything is taken care of in the smallest details are really many. We hope to have provided in this article at least the guidelines for the realization of the perfect wedding candy bar.

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