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Filter jug: why choose it?

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It may seem very trivial to wonder about the choice of buying a filter jug ​​ but think about it: if the water that flows from your taps has something you do not like it or you do not like it and you are therefore obliged to buy packaged water, in a long-term reasoning how much you could save by buying an object that filters a water whose use you still have to pay? We propose you then some brief considerations useful for deciding on the purchase.

Why buy a filter jug?

As we have already mentioned, you choose to purchase a filter jug ​​when our tap water, which we pay anyway, has a taste that does not we like or when the same water has a limestone concentration that we can’t stand because it makes it too heavy, or even when we want to soften the taste.

Filter jugs s really useful?

Filter jugs are useful if you want to:


  • Reduce some pollutants . Breaking down solvents and trihalomethanes responsible for bad smell and taste of drinking water is the best quality of filter jugs . The activated carbon contained in the cartridges is in fact effective in retaining these elements that make the water sometimes undrinkable.

  • Sweeten the taste . Many people prefer water that has a much sweeter taste compared to the hardness of water that is sometimes provided by the authorities. Precisely for this reason the consumption of bottled water is increasing more and more, but it has a cost: the filtering carafe can make up for the expenditure of money for the purchase of packaged water by softening the one for which we already pay for the supply.

    How much do filter jugs cost?

    The cost of a filter jug ​​averages around 30 euros , plus a small cost for the monthly change of filter cartridges, for an amount of something that does not exceed 100 euros per year . If, on the other hand, we think that on average we spend € 160 a year for the purchase of only bottled natural water (not counting the sparkling water that usually costs more), we clearly see the convenience in choosing the purchase of a filtering device.

    It is not always easy to understand when we can save money that we could spend on other uses . Therefore we hope to have provided useful advice to those who are going to purchase a really useful item like the filter jug, even in terms of savings.

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