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Wedding rings: choice guide

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Wedding rings represent the symbol of the eternal union of two souls in the bond of marriage, whose origin dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Choices holdings , floral arrangements and the theme of their marriage then all they have to do is deal with the choice of faiths. Deciding which wedding ring to prefer, however, is not always easy as there are different shapes, types and metals. We therefore propose to give some indications to all those who are going to get married.

Origin and meaning

Faith is put at the left ring finger because an ancient legend , dating back to the Egyptians, wants a small artery to pass from the ring which goes up to the heart. Therefore faith places itself at that finger to symbolizing the love that binds two people that they marry. The shape is spherical , round, to represent the concept of infinite union, a consecrated union between two people who become one. The origin of the choice of the spherical shape dates back to ancient pagan wedding ceremonies during which it was customary to draw a circle on the earth around the spouses as symbol of good omen . However it is only from the Middle Ages onwards that it is affirmed the exchange of faiths during the wedding ceremony as we understand it today, while the custom of engraving the faiths with the names of the spouses is of the sixteenth century: with her name, his faith and vice versa.

The choice of metal type

Even the tradition that wants the use of gold as a metal for making faiths finds its origin in the Christian idea of ​​the association of gold (yellow) with the symbol of the eternity of love between husband and wife. However, although yellow gold remains the most commonly chosen type, there are several golden variants to be able to make your choice: yellow gold , white gold , red gold e rose gold . The color of the metal, however, has no particular significance and simply depends on the preferences of those who choose it, while we usually choose a carat of 18Ct . Much less usual is the choice of other metals such as platinum for the realization of one’s faiths, mainly due to the cost higher.

The choice of style

If the choice of gold in its variants is quite simple, choose the style of their faiths is a little more difficult as there are different ones. Let’s see which are the most common:

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  • the classical faith is approximately 4mm wide and has a grammage ranging from 3 to 10 grams. The inside of the faith is flat while the outside does not include the setting of diamonds or precious stones.


    • Comfortable faith is characterized by a curved shape both inside and outside, with a width of about 4mm and a weight ranging from 3 to 10 grams. Usually this model is embellished by setting diamonds or precious stones as its shape allows it easily.


      • The francesina faith is a thin, rounded and flat faith inside, whose weight ranges from 3 to 5 grams usually chosen by who is not used to port are rings since it is one of the most subtle.


        • The Mantuan faith is very similar to the classical faith except for the fact that it has a greater width: it is in fact 6mm wide, but for the rest has the same characteristics as a classical faith.

        • Obviously these are the most common “classic” models, but it is not certain that you cannot opt ​​for faiths from the more original style . In fact, among the less usual ones we can indicate:

          & Nbsp;


          • The Sardinian faith has a unique style as it is worked like a tatting lace. The typical decoration buttons symbolize wheat grains, a wish for abundance and the hope of a long and healthy marriage.


            • The Umbrian faith depicts the faces of a man and a woman who look at each other as flowers bloom to symbolize the birth of a love. Furthermore the phrase “love flies and wants fidelity” is often engraved to underline the volatile aspect of the union that can be won only with commitment and dedication to each other.


              • The Irish faith is composed of two hands holding a heart surmounted by a crown: the hands are a symbol of friendship, the crown of fidelity and the heart of love, all essential elements for a happy marriage.

                Not sure then that the choice of a style can preclude the personalization of its faiths : many spouses in fact decide to embellish their faiths by making them set with diamonds or other precious gems ; others decide to make their faiths unique with engravings from the inside with a phrase, a symbol, a date or simply their own names; still others decide both for one thing and for the other.

                Tradition wants the spouses’ witnesses to pay for wedding rings as a wedding present for the bride and groom, even if it is not an impassable rule. What then are the spouses, the witnesses or the parents of the spouses to pay for the faiths, where to buy their faiths in Naples? It seems obvious to indicate as the preferred place the Borgo Orefici , the historic Neapolitan district of the Pendino district: here you can find some of the most famous jewelers in Naples as Caruso Jewelery , Gallotti Jewelery and the many other jewelery shops that you can learn about by consulting the site of Antico Borgo Orefici Consortium

                The choice of faiths is very important because they are the symbol of the union of two people . We hope then that with these few ideas we have succeeded in providing ideas for all those who are struggling with this important decision.

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