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Have breakfast: Mug!

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Every moment of our daily life is symbolically represented by an object and certainly the most important moment of the day is certainly no exception, without even putting ourselves into it opera: breakfast. The breakfast habits vary a lot both according to culture and according to personal tastes : those who prefer sweet to savory, those who like to have breakfast with buttered bread, those with biscuits, those who do not start without coffee and those who do it very well unless they prefer tea. But if there is one thing that usually agrees both adults and children it is breakfast made with milk and cereals strictly in the mug , nowadays an element present for every breakfast that respects itself. What is it?

We propose to talk about it in this article.

What are ?

Mug is a term of Anglo-Saxon origin to indicate an object that arises in itself as a promotional gadget , as a souvenir to give back from a trip: they are very capacious cylindrical breakfast cups.

How do they differ from a normal cup?
They differ from common cups because the material they are made of is a standard material : ceramic or porcelain . Compared to cups, they are much more and, unlike these, are not accompanied by saucers.

Why do you prefer mug to cups?

The element that characterizes them is their capacity : therefore it is preferable to choose a mug at a cup if you are a person who loves to drink milk in the morning, filling your mug to gold to dip biscuits, cereals or muesli.

How are they presented?

Mugs are not part of services or sets. They can be sold individually , and this probably depends on the fact that before becoming a common element used for breakfast, they were used as souvenirs or collectibles. It is not uncommon and indeed very common that you buy mugs that represent the logo of your favorite TV series, of your favorite cartoon character or with quotes from an author you love. But since they have become commonplace for breakfast, we tend to buy at least two.

How are they made?

The material that composes the mugs is traditionally the ceramic since, given their origin of object-memory, it is the most resistant material. Today, however, the mugs have become objects of common use also for the more formal tables that however prefer porcelain, more elegant and refined. There are also mugs in glass or plastic, but they do not have a very large market as the material that represents mugs is ceramic.

Which ones to choose?

There are many types of mugs that differ a lot from each other : colored mugs with more tones or just one color < / span> ; mug with soft or very bright colors, pastel to pure white mug; mugs that change color depending on the temperature of the drink; mugs depicting historical or fantasy characters and mugs that can even be personalized with their own photo. You really are spoiled for choice and you can decide or follow the style of your home, for example by buying a mug with colors that match the tones of your decor, or completely overturning this line by buying for each family member a different mug according to the tastes of each one.

Either bought as a souvenir and then used for breakfast or purchased for that specific purpose , in every house there is today at least one mug. We hope to have provided the less experienced with useful information to identify this object.

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