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Toaster: 6 tips for choosing

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To be used during breakfast to have slices of warm bread to be greased or to create tasty toast to be consumed as a snack, the toaster is a small appliance inevitable in the homes of those who love slices of crunchy bread to obtain easily and quickly. Invented in the early 1900s, sees its boom in the 1950s , when real collector’s items were created with bright colors, up to the present day in retro or ultra-modern features. But what is essential to consider before buying a toaster?

We propose below 6 useful factors to consider when choosing the toaster:


  1. Power . The power refers to the power expressed in watts of the toaster . This is a useful element to consider because for a good roasting, it is necessary that the toaster is quite powerful.

  3. Capacity . The capacity refers to the maximum amount of toast or slices of bread that can be roasted simultaneously . A useful element to consider if you have a large family whose members in the morning are all in a hurry to go out for school or work.

  5. Pliers . A toaster may or may not be equipped with pliers for toasting . It is useful to consider the presence or absence of pliers because usually toasters equipped with pliers are small and compact , very useful if you want to position as a piece of furniture in a kitchen which, however, has a restricted surface area.

  7. Form . The toasters can be of two types: vertical toasters , which are those in which the slices are positioned vertically in the appliance for half of cracks; horizontal toasters composed of two plates by means of which the board is pressed horizontally and toasted. Preferring one of the two models may depend on some factors , like space < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> (horizontal toasters take up more space than vertical ones), practicality (vertical toasters dirty less than horizontal ones) style (toasters, both vertical and horizontal, can have very aesthetic features different).

  8. Price . The price refers to a comparison of quality / useful price to be defined . The price in fact can vary a lot compared to the characteristics just evaluated: a more powerful toaster can cost more than a larger one, just as a toaster without pincers can cost less than one that has it. Everything depends on the needs of those who buy.

  10. Style . Appraised characteristics of a technical nature, the choice of a toaster, like any other object for one’s home, cannot be separated from tastes and preferences of buyers , especially if one thinks of the fact that today almost all the furnishings and small appliances are chosen in such a way that their features adapt to the style of their home. For example, if you have chosen a very modern style for your kitchen, with an induction hob and white furnishings, you can choose a toaster in white lacquered steel. Today the toaster design is really vast : you can choose classic toasters, toasters in colors < / span> lacquered, toaster in satin colors, small toasters, toasters embellished with brilliant applications, toaster with a retro taste and even toaster can be customized with the characters you prefer the most: there is really the embarrassment of the choice and it is right to buy what you prefer.

  11. It may seem trivial, but even the choice of a small toaster can trigger a thousand doubts. We therefore hope to have been able to help those who have not yet decided with these few tips.

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