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Jewelry for the bride: 5 tips on what to wear

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Your wedding day is getting closer and everything has finally been chosen, organized and cared for down to the last detail: no more anxieties, everything is decided, and finally the bride can dedicate herself to herself. Chosen the dress, the hairstyle , the shoes and the makeup just has to choose the jewelry to wear on the most beautiful day < span style = "font-weight: 400;">. In fact, jewels are indispensable accessories : they have the function of enhancing the beauty of the bride, of making it shine, of embellishing the outfit on her special day. A preliminary advice in choosing the jewels is then to adapt them to the chosen dress, to the determined hairstyle and, more generally, to the style given to their marriage .

How to choose the right jewelry?

We propose in this article to provide some small indications so that you can choose the perfect jewels for your wedding.


  • Avoid wearing a full set. The choice to wear a necklace, a bracelet, some earrings and sometimes a ring of the same line can give an overall idea that is too excessive, fanciful, exaggerated but above all impersonal. The bride on that day must show her own self, her personality, her way of being : wearing a “obliged” parure has to do with all this and therefore is not recommended.

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    • Pearls: yes or no? an ancient belief wants pearls not to be worn on the day of their marriage why bearers of tears . However, if you are not very superstitious, choosing pearls can confer enormous elegance to the entire outifit . Small, delicate and precious, pearls adapt to any chosen dress or hairstyle .

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      • Password: light point . If you are not a lover of jewels in general it is possible opt for even small points of light that will make the bride . If you have chosen a dress with a pronounced neckline, for example, it is good to use a white gold necklace (symbol of purity) with a small diamond pendant that enhances the beauty of the bride. Elegant, formal and precious adapts in any form to any style chosen by the bride.

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        • Tiaras and Tiaras: when? it is not unusual to choose to embellish his own hairstyle on the day of his wedding from such beautiful jewels as tiaras or tiaras. The tiara is usually a semi-crown used to hold the veil, while the diadem laps the hairline and falls on the forehead adorning it with a pearl or a precious stone. There are many types and their use is recommended when you have opted for a simple dress, so that the combination of a simple dress / tiara or diadem gives an idea of ​​refinement ; instead of tiaras or tiaras when the dress is already very precious and worked.

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          • Is the engagement ring worn? not all brides have an engagement ring. Those who do, however, have it must not wear it on their wedding day : the ring finger must only welcome faith, the real star of the day . You can then choose, once the reception is over, to add the engagement ring to the wedding ring, as both are intended to seal a true love.

          • It may seem trivial, but it is not always so easy to choose the jewels to wear on their wedding day. We hope then to have provided, with these few tips, the guidelines to still undecided brides.

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