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Wedding cake: how to choose?

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One of the most beautiful moments before marriage is surely the one related to choosing the wedding cake . The wedding cake is in fact one of the essential elements to make a wedding perfect, just think that a whole is dedicated to it when it is received , the final one, organized in a separate, magical, evocative context and decorated with flowers which it’s perfect for the photo album. However, it is not always easy to decide which type to opt for: classic cake with planes or cake with a single base? Simple or articulated cake? Sober or whimsical colors? Since then the choice of such an important element is not easy for everyone, we propose in this article some guidelines for choosing the perfect wedding cake.

Choose the pastry chef

Usually the restaurant or the catering chosen for the ceremony offer the spouses of the numerous possibilities to choose from when the menu is proposed. However, if there is the intention to make your own personalized wedding cake , you can ask a pastry chef to prepare it specifically for the spouses. In Naples it is possible to choose different laboratories that deal specifically with the production of wedding cakes. So we offer you three of the best wedding cake designers in Naples.

Sugar Queen

In the heart of the living room of Naples stands Sugar Queen , small and refined tasty pastry shop. The owner, Giada Baldari, has made her point of sale a real point of excellence for the city of Naples. This talented girl started as a self-taught person and specialized in the cake design sector. Comes to participate as a competitor of Rai2’s talent “Il più Grande Pasticciere”, finishing fifth. We look forward to welcoming you to his laboratory to make the wedding cake of your dreams.

Cake Appeal

The bakery of Cake Appeal, located in the Chiaia district of Naples, will transport you to a welcoming environment that reflects the 1950s style of the 1950s where you can taste typical American desserts such as cupcakes, macarons and cookies to be consumed sitting at a table or to be taken away in cheerful packs. The owner, Dalila Duello, organizes courses of cake design and American pastries at her laboratory: a real Italian cake boss! It will be happy to receive you and fulfill all your requests for your personalized wedding cake.

Luxury Cake by Lucia Candela

Lucia Candela’s adventure in the creation of wedding cake was born about 8 years ago and today is one of the most appreciated cake designers on the Neapolitan scene. Her passion for everything that is sugar, fantasy, chocolate and sweets has led her to become a real professional in the field of wedding cake making. Open to all types of requests, the purpose of this artist is to empathize with the client even before throwing down ideas, to build their dreams together.

Choose and the type of wedding cake

Before going to a pastry shop, it’s good to c find catalogs and websites specialized internet < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> in order to get a first idea of ​​how the wedding cake of your dreams should be. The imperative is customize : if for example it was decided to organize a wedding that has as its own theme the ivory color would be appropriate that the cake was made with elements that recall that color. As for the structure of the cake though today there is room for an increasingly minimalist conception even with respect to the creation of the wedding cake, the plan wedding cake remains a < / span> evergreen preferred by most couples. Usually it goes from a minimum of three floors to a maximum of 8 breads ; the upper floors are obviously smaller in diameter than the base to slender the entire structure. The shape of the plans , which can lean on each other or be spaced apart, it can be square , rectangular , heart , triangular o asymmetric . At the top of the planes are usually placed small miniatures of the groom and bride that today are more customizable than ever: it is not rare indeed to turn to the artists of plastic chocolate to commission miniatures having the same semblances of the spouses.

Stuffing and decorations

The tiered wedding cake is usually composed of a base of sponge cake stuffed according to the tastes of the spouses and usually covered by sugar paste mouldable or from butter cream . The decorations moreover can be innumerable and of as many innumerable forms: in sugar paste or plastic chocolate you can today practically all create the objects you want: flowers , thumbnails , hearts , sculptures , tapes and so on and so forth. The advice is to opt for decorations in line with the theme chosen for your wedding.

When to book

Given that you have chosen to contact a cake designer for the realization of your wedding cake, you must book the cake at least 5 months before of the date of the wedding. This is because the creation of a personalized wedding cake from various details requires a considerable amount of work, above all if we consider that the cake-making artist must also take care of other projects.

Choosing the cake for your wedding reception isn’t always as simple as you think. We therefore hope to have provided the appropriate guidelines to those who are about to choose their own wedding cake.

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