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Food containers: which ones to choose?

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They may not be the first thing you think of when you decide to live in a new home, but food containers < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> are essential to preserve at best your own foods. If you want eating healthy and genuine you need to choose the right containers to avoid food spoilage, ensure hygiene and guarantee freshness. In general, the choice of food containers must be based on two essential elements, closely related to each other, which are the mode of use of food containers and the material in which they must be made for that particular use. We then propose to provide children tips faces to choosing the right containers for food.

Store in the refrigerator

Containers for store food in the fridge can be either of < / span> plastic sia by glass , but glass containers are usually preferable. The glass in fact does not alter the taste of foods, does not stain and allows to visually check the freshness of what has been preserved . If the food to be stored is hermetically sealed, it is advisable to choose medium-small containers as it is easier to consume the entire portion in a short time. However, plastic containers are more suitable than glass for storing raw or cooked wet food, as resistant , practical and do not absorb liquids.

Store in the freezer

Containers for store food in the freezer may be of different kinds . We generally prefer containers in plastic practical and not prone to wear, or aluminum trays ideal for freezing already cooked dishes. The bags for freezing are fine for smaller foods: they are very practical because they usually have labels preprints on which the date on which the food was stored can be noted.

Store in the pantry

The most preferred containers for the pantry are those built in metal , ceramic or porcelain as they are particularly suitable for keep dry foods like coffee, sugar, pasta, biscuits. However, containers made of these materials are not always hermetically sealed: it is advisable to place them in the pantry above higher shelves compared to the stoves, so that fumes, smells and heat cannot alter the consistency of the preserved foods. Furthermore, these types of materials are preferred for storing pantry foods as design with which they appear can be adapted to the style of the house : if in fact the cans that they contain coffee, sugar, biscuits or tea bags placed on visible shelves, they can themselves become furnishing complements in line with the furnishing of your kitchen. Therefore it would be useful to choose cans of a color that suits your kitchen.

Health is important for all and is for this essential to choose containers that can keep ours food safe . We hope then that these few tips can be useful to those who need to choose the containers that can best perform their functions.

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