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Marriage: how to make a wedding list

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Decide for the organization of a wedding list is important to remedy to the inconvenience of being faced with the unpleasant surprise of receiving the same identical < span style = "text-decoration: underline; color: # 0000ff;"> dish service , three similar glasses services , five coffee cup services . Not always, however, it is so easy to organize a wedding list, nor decide what to include in it. Therefore we propose in this article to provide guidelines which may help to make a < b> good wedding list .

Wedding list: yes or no?

It will seem strange to start dealing with a topic related to how to make a wedding list starting from the pros and cons . In fact, not all couples who are going to get married are in favor of a wedding list as they consider it not very elegant. In fact it seems not very nice to ask for an explicit sum from an invited person for a gift. This is true, but it is also true that the pros of opting for a wedding list are much more numerous than the aforementioned inconvenience, indeed: many guests prefer directions from the spouses because maybe they don’t know their tastes well, they don’t know what they might prefer or what they might like. Choosing for a wedding list allows:


  • avoid to receive similar gifts

  • receive only welcome gifts

  • receive only useful gifts

  • We then announce a resounding “YES” to the wedding list.

    What to include in the wedding list?

    But what should a wedding list be made up of? Let’s start from the assumption that usually the wedding lists come to be made at stores specialized in household items and this for a very simple reason : marriage is the starting point for a couple that is about to live a new life together; therefore it is right to indicate objects that will be useful in a new home. You can then opt for more traditional wedding lists , which include plate service , tea set < / b> , kitchen utensils, tovaglie , food containers < / span> , cookware batteries , objects in porcelain , vases of < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> crystal , little appliances etc. . If you do not have similar needs because maybe the parents of the spouses had already taken steps to give their children everything they need for the house, you can decide to opt for a wedding list custom . For example, let’s say that the spouses are fans of hi-tech objects or collectors of particular objects: they can go to specialized stores and open their own wedding list. The latest and most modern wedding list trend is that for which the spouses choose to open their wedding list at a travel agency of confidence . Gifts consisting of vouchers can thus contribute to the costs of the honeymoon.

    When should it be ready?

    The wedding list should be ready at least 5 months before of the wedding as all the necessary time must be given to the guests to view it, decide what they intend to give and finally go to the point of sale chosen to deposit the agreed sum. It will seem trivial but the same choice of objects to be included in the wedding list may require much longer times how much can be expected. For example, it could be decided to purchase a Japanese tea service that may not be present in the store at that time, and therefore requires time to be ordered and to arrive directly from the East; or you might prefer a specific brand for the whole line of accessories that maybe exists in the store of a certain color , but another is preferred, and therefore the shop must arrange to order one of a different color. It is therefore recommended to choose a point of sale provided and serious whose staff will be able to provide useful advice.

    The wedding list is an important element in organizing your wedding . Therefore we hope to have provided useful advice to all those who are preparing us to compose their own wedding list.

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