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Tea service: choice guide

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It’s cold, it’s winter, it’s snowing outside and the only thing you think about is warm up . What better time than this to enjoy a steaming cup of tea ? Tea, an aromatic drink with a thousand flavors and a thousand colors whose consumption is millennial. How to serve it? A tea service is essential in any home environment, better still if coordinated with the style of your home . Obviously tea sets differ according to cultures, and therefore we tend to specify that the tea services we will cover are those whose characteristics belong to western culture . It is not always easy to choose the right tea service and therefore in this article we propose a small choice guide < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> which is based on keywords :


  • Composition of the tea service

  • Material of the tea service

  • Use and style of the tea service
  • Composition of the tea service

    Western tea services consist of a teapot and of < / span> tea cups strictly accompanied by saucers coordinated. But the most complete tea sets can also contain a sugar bowl , a dairy to contain the cream , a tray to serve the cups and sometimes small containers for honey. The number of items making up a tea set can be variable, but usually a basic tea service includes a teapot and at least 6 cups with their respective saucers.

    Tea Service Material

    Western tea services can consist of different materials and very often the choice to prefer one material to another depends on how the set is used. The materials most used for making tea services are:


    1. Ceramics . Ceramics is usually the most commonly used material for making tea services for everyday use as it is a wear-resistant material over time, not particularly delicate, dishwasher safe and therefore practice .

    3. Porcelain . Porcelain is usually the material used for making tea services for sporadic use : choosing a tea service in fine china English presupposes the desire for use on special occasions, parties and anniversaries, important guests. Porcelain is in fact a very delicate material , which tends to wear over time and easily stain. < / li>

    4. Glass . Glass tea services are usually preferred in modern furnishings, and it is a very versatile material. In fact it is used: for its resistance in the realization of tea services for daily use; for his elegance in the production of sporadic tea services.

    6. Silver . Silver tea services are much more widespread than actually thought. This is because silver is a precious material which contributes to give sumptuousness to a luxurious environment. For maintenance which requires however it is preferable to choose this material for tea services for sporadic use.
    7. Use and style of tea service

      The choice of style of the tea service obviously depends on tastes of those who definitely buy, but it also depends in part on usage which it was decided to do for your own tea service. It is considered advisable to purchase at least two tea sets


      • A tea set to use daily must be a resistant set whose design can change based on the personality of the buyer and the style that the latter has decided to give to their home. For example, if the person who buys has given a shabby chic taste to the entire furniture, he should prefer a tea service of the same kind , or if in a house two prevail colors like white and black, you can choose to combine the tea service or choosing one with the same colors or choosing one in a contrasting shade, such as red for example.

      • A tea set to use sporadically is a tea set whose features can obviously change according to tastes, but must be subject to a keyword: elegance . Whether in porcelain or silver, completely white or finished in gold, from the most classic to the most modern forms, the tea set to use in formal occasions must have a certain degree of elegance to adapt to the special occasions in which it is used.

      • Sometimes then you can decide to adapt your tea service to other elements already chosen: for example, if you chose to buy a < span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> tablecloth embroidered very particular to be used during special occasions, you can decide to buy a coordinated tea service; if instead you have opted for a plate service very colorful to use daily, yes can decide for a tea set that recalls the same colors.

        Choosing a tea service is not always as simple as one might think. Therefore, we hope that these guidelines can help those who are going to purchase a tea service.

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