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Marriage: 3 tips to choose placeholders

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Placeholders : once consisted of simple cards on which the names of the guests who should have sat at the tables of the wedding reception were noted; today, instead, the function is roughly the same but, in a context of careful attention to every detail, the placeholder has undergone a rapid evolution: from anonymous cardboard to detail to admire . Choosing placeholders is quite simple if you keep in mind a mantra: customize . In fact, an increasing number of couples are increasingly opting for the choice of small custom objects which recall style and < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> the theme of the reception , or for small recurring symbols during the whole marriage, or for small items that represent the bride and groom.

Therefore we propose to offer some small advice to choose the best placeholders.

Respect the theme

A married couple decided to get married on Valentine’s Day. The theme of their marriage is love, the choice of colors falls on white and red and on an immense amount of paper and fabric hearts that decorate the reception room. Therefore the placeholders must respect the theme chosen for the wedding: why not opt ​​for a small heart of perfumed white chalk adorned with red ribbons at the base of which there is a red and white card on which is written the name of the guest? The placeholders will have to call the same theme and style chosen for their wedding, adapting to the colors, to the floral decorations , and to the target in general chosen for their marriage. A very popular idea is to present edible placeholders : sweets, pastries, chocolates, candies that will positively surprise all guests.

Writing names

The primary function of the placeholders is to indicate for each guest such as both its seat at the table during the reception, so as not to create disorder and to ensure that a joyful atmosphere reigns. It requires then for each placemark a tag , a card stock , a small parchment on which the name of the invitee will be indicated. The writing must be in pendant


  • with the theme of the reception, so if you chose blue as the color-theme of the wedding, the writing should be the same color.

  • with marriage in general , so for example the same typeface chosen for the wedding invitations .

    Placeholder: souvenir / gift

    To think of something that impresses its guests, you can decide for a placeholder that represents both a memory and a gift . Many couples in fact choose to give placeholders every small gift as small thanks for participating in their best day. There are several placeholders that can act as a gift, from the simplest to the most personalized : and it was decided to get married near the sea, a very nice idea would be to make small placeholders-magnet in the shape of a starfish that each guest can place on their fridge once they return home; s and instead it was decided to get married during the autumn, a beautiful idea could be to have small children made jars of canned mushrooms or jam and on the cap to have the names of the guests engraved: everyone would have their own small personalized memory.

    In the multitude of things that contribute to the organization of a marriage, some details may escape. So we hope that these few tips can help couples who are going to choose placeholders for their wedding.

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