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Coffee service: which one to choose?

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The coffee service is another fundamental element in every home and for any equipment that respects itself. Coffee in fact, especially in southern Italy, it is the first drink proposed to guests when they go to the newlyweds’ home and the last offered at the end of a dinner. It is a ritual, a moment of aggregation, something that unites . Given the power of this aromatic dark drink, how it should be served why are you not wrong? It is considered appropriate to buy a good coffee service. But this is not always a simple operation and therefore we propose to offer some small advice based on some keywords :


  • Composition

  • Material

  • Usage and Style.

  • Composition
    Any coffee set consists of cups which differ from the tea cups because they are smaller and usually have a greater thickness. This is why the cups that make up a coffee service are commonly called cups . The cups may come in a variable number, but usually the cup sets have a number of elements for 6, 12 or 18 people . The most complete sets are then composed not only of cups, but also saucers coordinates, tray coordinated, sugar bowl e milk jug .

    Coffee sets can be built from different materials and usually the choice of preferring one material to another varies a lot according to use that it will be decided to do the service.

    The most common materials are :


    1. Ceramics . Ceramics is the most common choice especially if you choose to buy a set of coffee for everyday use: in fact, ceramic is a particularly material resistant to wear over time , easily washable in dishwasher and is an excellent thermal envelope . Ceramics tend to alter the color and warmth of the drink.

    3. Porcelain . Porcelain is the most common choice if you choose to buy a coffee service for sporadic use: porcelain is in fact a very delicate material , which t tends to wear out ea change color over time. For maintenance that requires then a porcelain coffee set is preferable for special occasions, Christmas dinners, birthdays, important invitations.

    5. Glass . Glass is a material versatile resistance is chosen for everyday coffee services and, however, for its elegance is chosen for sporadic coffee cups.

    7. Other materials: exist, but they are much rarer than you think, services from coffee in silver or brass , but they are disused materials for coffee services, much more used instead for tea services . There are also cups in plastic material but very little preferred because the warmth of beverage tends to wear out these types of materials.
    8. Use and style

      Choosing a coffee set varies much in the features of the same depending on the circumstances where the set will be used. Usually we recommend the purchase of at least two sets of coffee cups , one for daily use and the other to use instead on special occasions. I coffee sets for everyday use are generally composed of only 6 ceramic or glass cups, transparent or colored , with simple shapes or a little more bizzare. Coffee sets for sporadic use instead, they are usually sets composed of 12 cups plus the saucers, the tray, the jug of milk and the sugar bowl usually in fine white porcelain. This is because this type of coffee set is usually shown on important and sometimes formal occasions for which a certain degree of elegance is required .

      Choosing a set of coffee cups is not always as simple as you think. We hope then that we have provided guidelines to anyone who is preparing to buy one.

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