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Wedding shoes: choice guide

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Wedding shoes are an essential element for any woman who has decided to get married. They represent the accessory more important because, after the wedding dress, without shoes you certainly cannot present yourself at the altar! Sometimes though it’s not always that simple choose a bridal shoe as there may be several doubts regarding the material with which the shoe is made, the features, the applications it presents. Whether high or low, white or ivory, colored and simple or very detailed, the bridal shoe must generally adapt to what is the style of the dress chosen for your wedding.

We therefore propose 5 tips on how to choose the right bridal shoe.

Do not give up com fort

The wedding day is a beautiful day but also very stressful: the spouses are worried that everything is going well, we must greet relatives and friends, face emotion of the ceremony, the laughter during the photo shoot, the entrance to the reception and the first dance. Blisters and burns they are absolutely to be avoided that day for the bride, because pain risks being visible also on the face. This is why it is essential to choose comfortable shoes and that adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot. It often happens that to remedy these small annoyances, brides choose to buy custom-made shoes that will ensure comfort on their special day.

Choose the right height

Not all brides are said to have size with high-heeled shoes very high: some brides are in fact used to walking with very high heels or for the work they do or because they simply prefer shoes that give elegance to the foot on every occasion; other brides, on the other hand, do not prefer to wear shoes with very high heels and are therefore not used to walking. To avoid looking clumsy and ungraceful that day, brides who are not very familiar with very high-heeled shoes should choose shoes with small heels but just as much precious so as to perfectly mix elegance and comfort . No categorical to too pronounced wedges and plateaus.

Shoes always in line with the dress

As for any other outfit , even on the wedding day the shoes should be chosen based on the dress style that the bride has decided to wear for her big day. Therefore if the bride has decided to wear a retro-style dress she will have to choose a shoe that fits the dress, an elegant and closed model for example that is a timeless evergreen. Even the choice of nuances of shoes may differ based on the dress chosen. The bride in fact can choose between two solutions:


  • Matched color rule : if the bride opts to match the shoes to the dress, it is worth the rule that cool colors are combined with cool colors (eg white dress with ice shoes) and < b> warm colors in warm colors (eg ivory dress with cream shoes)

  • Game of contrasts : if the bride opts to venture with the use of color, there are no rules other than to follow the good taste : yes then to shoes in red, electric blue, yellow or bronze which are however always in line with the style of the dress.
  • Adapt the model to the ceremony

    Wedding shoes should in general also adapt to the location where the bride decided to carry out your reception as well as to the style you chose for the reception . If you have opted for a grass wedding, a very high-heeled shoe is not to be preferred: better to choose a heel small and large which protects against the risk of tripping. If instead you have opted for a more traditional location like a villa or a luxurious hotel then it is preferable to choose a elegant shoe , closed or at most open toe in saten or satin.

    For an accessory like the bridal shoe the price varies a lot and it depends on the designer, the year of the collection, the decorations and the details. Ranging from a minimum of 90 euros to very high peaks if you choose a customized or customized shoe. Therefore it would be appropriate to choose a shoe that is possible to reuse over time instead of a model that will be used only once in a lifetime.

    Choosing a bridal shoe that fits all these characteristics is not always so simple, and that’s why the most undecided brides decide to rely on the advice of a professional expert also for the choice of shoes, always a cross and delight for every woman.

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