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Glasses service: selection guide

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The glasses service is a fundamental element in every home and for every item that respects itself. However, it is not always easy to choose a glass service that fits perfectly with the style of your home, your needs and the different functions that each type of glass must respect. Therefore we aim to offer a small guide to choosing a set of glasses based on keywords that are:


  1. Composition of the set of glasses

  3. Material of the set of glasses

  5. Use and style of the set of glasses

  6. Composition
    Glass sets can be composed from a number of items that it varies a great deal. Usually they come in a number of 6, 12 or 18 items per set , so it is preferable to choose a glasses service of at least 12 elements if you plan to organize numerous dinners. Obviously the composition of a set of glasses varies a lot depending on the usage which intends to do: the set of basic glasses for daily use usually has 6 elements suitable for holding water or carbonated drinks. However, there are glasses services with many elements suitable for each drink and which present, in variable numbers:


    • slender tulip glass , for white wine

    • narrow glass , for red wine

    • ballon , for structured wines

    • wide base , for aromatic wines

    • flute , for sparkling wines or champagne

    • snifter , for brandy and cognac

    • triangular tall stemmed glass , for cocktails

    • tumbler , used to serve water and liqueurs with high alcohol content

    • pilsner or tankards , for beer

    • shot , for alcohol without ice

    • Sometimes the glasses service can also be accompanied by trays for glasses and from pitchers to serve drinks elegantly.

      There are different materials used for making glasses. We see the most common:


      • Glass . Shatterproof glass is the most commonly used material for making glasses sets, especially for those for everyday use, because it is wear-resistant over time and much more often than ordinary glass.

      • Crystal . Crystal is a very delicate, precious and very expensive material. Sometimes a set of finely finished crystal glasses can reach quite important figures. Given its delicacy however, this material is preferred only for glasses services to be used in sporadic occasions, perhaps holidays or toasts for special occasions.

      • Ceramics . Ceramics is a material more used than one might think especially because it tends to keep the beverage unchanged temperature . However, glasses made with this material are very delicate and tend to wear over time.

      • Other materials : la porcelain < / span> is an element used for making set of glasses that is not recommended for daily use; the wood is a very special material used for set of glasses quite rarely as it tends to become impregnated with the perfume of the drink served; plexiglass is a plastic material used for the production of glasses sets with a modern taste and particularly appreciated because they are cheap and very resistant. < / span>

        Use and style :

        The style to choose for a set of glasses varies a lot and first of all compared to the use that one wants to do. Indeed we can find ourselves in front of two possibilities:


        • a set of glasses for everyday use is a set of glasses usually composed of few elements in a material that tends to wear little and is easily washable even in the dishwasher. The design to be chosen for this type of glasses from everyday use is very subjective: transparent glasses, colored , with simple or unusual shapes, adorned with symbols, faces and small flowers. How can we forget when our mothers used to buy us Nutella in glasses and then collect them and use them to serve water and entertain us children?

        • a set of glasses for sporadic use is a set of glasses usually composed of several elements to prepare tables on special occasions, holidays, birthdays or name days. Design to choose is not as vast as you think, as these set of glasses tend to maintain a classic and long-lasting style adapting to tablecloths usually chosen on such occasions. Usually you choose a set for 12 people consisting of a tumbler, a white wine glass, a red wine glass and flute.

        • Choosing a set of glasses may seem a trivial and fast operation, but this is not always the case. We hope then that the article can help those who are going to buy a set of glasses but do not yet have the clear ideas .

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