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Wedding favors: how to choose?

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The wedding favor is a gift that the bride and groom offer to their guests to thank them for participating in their wedding and for leave a memory of this beautiful day. Choosing the favor, however, is not always easy since several doubts arise: is it a custom passed? Is it an indispensable element? how to choose the most suitable one?

In this article we propose which considerations you have to do to choose the favor in the right way by following an evaluation line that takes into account:


  • When to buy wedding favors

  • To whom should they be given

  • How they are composed

  • What to choose
  • When to buy wedding favors?

    Before choosing wedding favors, you need to focus on when to buy them so they are ready for the wedding date. The delivery of the favors to the spouses has a time subject to several variables that are usually related to the number of objects ordered, to the type of items ordered and the required packaging method. Not only that: and if they are particular objects, perhaps unique or finished by hand? Therefore it is good to buy the favors at least three months before date of marriage.

    Who should give away the favors?

    The custom indicates that presents a favor to all those who have made a wedding gift to the spouses , even to those who will not attend the ceremony. Usually one is distributed for each household, two for each engaged couple and one for friends. The situation is different for wedding witnesses to which also a gift will go but which is more precious or which in any case differs from that proposed for all the other guests. Usually the favors are positioned near a corner of the location specially decorated with flowers or beautiful ribbons and distributed at the end of the wedding reception, after the wedding cake as a symbol of thanksgiving and greeting of the spouses to those present. For guests who have not attended the reception, you choose to personally distribute the favor once the spouses have returned from their honeymoon.

    How are the favors made up?

    The favor is a custom with ancient origins: in fact they are born as containers of sweets donated as a lucky charm to the guests during important events and only subsequently associated with the wedding. A small legacy of this ancient tradition is given for example by the number of confetti present in the packages . Regardless of which gift is chosen, in the favor we always find a bag containing five sugared almonds which represent five good wishes that the bride and groom offer to guests:


    1. health

    3. fertility

    5. longevity

    7. happiness

    9. wealth

    10. Next to this small bag adorned in the most disparate ways, it comes to position itself the real wedding favor is its own which can be an object of different types, with different sizes and features. Everything is enclosed in small boxes , usually of cardboard, adorned with ribbons whose colors recall the color of the theme chosen for the reception .

      What to choose?
      Once we have read all the technical features, we come to the fundamental point, namely that related to what to choose < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> as a wedding favor. The first fundamental advice regarding the choice of the favor is opt for something that represents the spouses , something that makes you think of them when the guests open the packages.

      So we can say that in principle there are two possibilities:


      1. You can choose one useful wedding favor in fact opting for an object that has a function and that will not end up in a drawer the day after the wedding.

      3. You can choose a favor by looking only at your own personal taste , opting for an object that represents the couple.

      4. Obviously whether you decide for one or the other option, you need to choose something that is in tune with the style of the wedding , coordinated with the type of ceremony. For example, if you have chosen a type of design for your participations , it would be useful to coordinate that of the favors.

        We offer some examples


        • classical ceremony : for spouses who choose to give their wedding a target that is the most classic You can opt for objects in porcelain , crystal or ceramic . Let’s think for example of Capodimonte Ceramics : an evergreen appreciated by everyone.

        • custom ceremony : nowadays we are witnessing more and more the will of the spouses to give a personalized touch to your wedding. It is not unusual therefore that you are in front of handmade wedding favors packaged by the spouses themselves: perhaps we think of the idea of ​​giving small jars as gifts homemade jam by the bride.

        • solidarity ceremony : one of today’s trends, which is a nice way to do something for others, is to choose for your own marriage a favor whose proceeds will be partly donated to organizations such as Save the Children and Emergency which propose solidarity initiatives.

        • green ceremony: if you are a person who is particularly attentive to the theme eco-friendly , there is the possibility of choosing a product that reflects your attitude. Let’s think, for example, of choosing to donate a small seedling in an earthenware jar or in a small wicker basket.

        • The market really offers an infinite variety of solutions among which can become difficult to choose. This is why we hope that these few tips can help those who choose wedding favors for their wedding.

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