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Cookware set: how to choose the right one?

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It may seem trivial, but choose a cookware battery it’s not always as easy as one may think that the factors to be taken into consideration are different. However, we can indicate three categories to keep in consideration when buying a new set of cookware:


  • material

  • capacity

  • design

  • use

  • material

    There are nowadays several materials used for the production of cookware batteries.


    1. aluminum : it is a material very used for the production of cookware since it is a excellent thermal conductor , a light and manageable material that does not oxidize.

    3. steel : this is perhaps the most commonly used material for making pots, for a very simple reason: it is the most resistant material to the corrosion that exists in the world and therefore the preferred category.

    4. high materials : then there are several other materials that are used. Among all we indicate: cast iron which however has the flaw of not being an excellent thermal conductor and oxidizes very easily; terracotta which is unparalleled

    6. thermal conductor which however deteriorates easily; the ceramic / porcelain coated cookware which has the enormous advantage of non-sticking on its side

    7. Capacity
      An important factor to take into consideration when choosing a cookware set is the capacity: a set of classic cookware consists of pots of different sizes which therefore have a < / span> different capacity . However, it should not be said that you should choose a pre-selected cookware set: whoever wants can easily build up his battery by choosing the capacity according to need. For example: if you have a very large family, you may want to prefer a battery of pots whose elements are very capacious and instead choose very small pots if you live alone.

      Essential in the choice of cookware is the very personal taste of those who buy: the specialized shops in articles of the kind present a vast choice of colors, shapes, styles and … even prices. For example, you can choose a set of retro-style cookware that recalls, for example, the 1950s, or a set of super-modern cookware that features the possibility of having pots that cook multiple foods at the same time, a set of cookware that fits the style chosen for your kitchen or even customize your pots with your initials, with a symbol, a sentence.

      The choice of cookware is mainly based on the use you want to make or on your needs. There are therefore factors to consider:


      • comfort : it is good to consider the convenience of handles and handles when buying pots especially if we look at the frenetic life of a mother for example;

      • washing : check the washing methods before buying. If you have a dishwasher for example it is good to inquire about the possibility or not of being able to wash the chosen pots;

      • space : if the kitchen is small it is good to choose a bacteria of space-saving pans, perhaps stackable.

      • The cookware set is an essential element in every situation: whether it’s a family, a bachelor, a single mother or a single dad all we must eat. Therefore we hope that these few tips can be useful to those who are about to buy cookware.

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