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Invite: guide to choosing the wedding attendance

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Wedding invitations are the official announcement of your union a relatives and friends: therefore to choose them you have to pay attention to some small rules. In fact, sometimes choosing the perfect participation may seem like a real undertaking: when to deliver them? are there rules in the choice of materials? what should you indicate? Starting with clear ideas is therefore essential to building what is a real business card of their wedding. An initial indication is to choose investments that are in line with the theme chosen for their own wedding. Below we offer a small guide to not neglecting anything in the choice of wedding attendance dwelling on some keywords :


  • timing

  • features

  • style

  • Times
    Wedding invitations must be delivered at least three months in advance of the expected date for the wedding. Entries can be sent or even delivered personally to friends and relatives by appointment. Important is that the names on the envelopes are not typed but handwritten, if possible with an elegant calligraphy, and if the children no longer live with parents are required to participate specifically.

    How is a participation composed and what are the essential characteristics to identify? Entries are almost always made up of three elements i:


    From the most classic and the most casual ones, wedding invitations are always placed in an envelope containing the name of the guest.


    Usually double, white or ivory, the card represents the true is the fulcrum of participation. On it are indeed indicated:


    • The names of the spouses

    • Marriage announcement

    • Maiden / unmarried addresses

    • The place, date and time of the ceremony

    • The names of the spouses his must be placed on the left and her on the right with the respective addresses at the bottom; Next, in the center of the card the announcement of the wedding with the classic form” (the names of the spouses) announce their marriage “; Just below this formula, the center of the card indicates the place, date and time of the ceremony.


      Inside the envelope should be inserted the invitations written on a smaller card and less often having the same style as the main one. It is intended to indicate the location where the reception will take place, the address of the latter and the time in which to present oneself. It is not unusual to find the formula on the invitation RVSP (repondez s’il vous plait), and that is to say an invitation to the kind confirmation of the presence of the guest at the reception. The dress code


      There are no precise rules regarding the style of one’s participation … and that’s the beauty! Decide on the or style is the most personal thing that can exist in the choice of participation since the other fields as we have seen must be subject to very specific canons. The only indication we can give is to always refer to an overview : for example, if you have chosen a color in particular as the theme of your wedding, you are also expected to have a reference to that particular color. The design of participations also depends a lot on the level of formality that you have chosen to confer on your marriage. We can therefore find ourselves in front of participations from more classic style , in which sober colors, elegance, composure and the rigorous use of italics dominate, or we can choose participations from creative style which include the insertion of prints, small symbols, hearts, initials, intertwined rings and a wide range of colors as well as materials: i green-addicted choose for example to use recycled paper, or those who want to leave a mark that remains chooses a scented paper .

      Your wedding invitations will be a reflection of yourself and your personalities as anticipates the style of the whole event . We therefore hope that this little guide can help those who do not yet have clear ideas.

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