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How to choose a cutlery service

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The cutlery service is a fundamental element in any self-respecting home context as a good set of cutlery can really make a difference on your table. However, finding your way around is not always a simple task as you always have to keep a certain consistency with the style of the house , more generally, and of the table in particular, for example by adapting the cutlery set to table cloth choice.

To guide the buyer in choosing the right cutlery service ci we’ll trust three keywords :


  • composition

  • material

  • usage

  • Composition
    Cutlery services may have some of the most diverse compositions. A common cutlery set in fact provides forks , spoons , < strong> knives and teaspoons and each element is used to consume a certain type of food. There are more complete cutlery sets but we can find sweets and fish forks as well as various food preparation accessories: not it is rare to find sets that include pallets, spatulas, forks, ladles, etc. The cutlery service is generally composed of pieces for 6.12 or 18 people and it is therefore advisable to buy a set for at least 12 people if dinners are planned for special occasions involving the whole family.


    Cutlery sets can include different materials . We proceed to indicate the most common ones:


    1. < span style = "color: # 0000ff;"> stainless steel : is the material most used in the production of everyday cutlery services as it is the most wear-resistant material over time and is washable in dishwasher.

    2. silver / brass : these are the “classic” materials used for the cutlery services used in special occasions . They are materials that make the cutlery set particularly fine and elegant, but they are impractical and foresee the need to be periodically polished as they are easily stained.

    4. other materials : materials such as wood are rarely used or the horn , while for those who love one retro style you can buy cutlery from porcelain . But be careful to check for damage if you choose a set of vintage cutlery.

    5. Usage

      The choice of a set of cutlery must mainly take into account ‘use who wants to do it.

      Therefore a choice of: must prevail


      • practicality , if it is a daily cutlery service. Each cutlery must therefore have a ‘handle comfortable and easy to handle, the knives must be sharp, the prongs of the pointed forks and the spoons they must have a pronounced concave shape so as to easily collect liquids. For this reason, steel is usually chosen as the preferred material for daily use sets, as it allows the creation of cutlery with all the features indicated and suitable for all types of tablecloths , from the simplest to the most colorful. < / li>

      • elegance , if it is a cutlery service from ‘sporadic use . There are in fact cutlery services that are used only on special occasions or as ornament at the table for the wonderful features they often present. In these cases you don’t look at practicality or function, but at beauty and design of each single piece, in order to embellish the table.

      • Obviously the choice of a particular style for your cutlery service also depends on the use you decide to make of it: for example, you prefer a cheerful and colorful cutlery service < / span> to set your table every day, and a cutlery set with more classic features to set your table for special occasions.

        It will seem trivial, but even the choice of a cutlery service is not always as simple as you think. We therefore hope that these tips can be useful to those who plan to buy a new set of cutlery.

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