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Dish service: how to choose the right one?

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It may seem really trivial but the choice of dish service sometimes can do not happen as easily as you imagine, and that is why we propose to analyze what are the elements to be taken into consideration so that the decision can be determined without difficulty. The dish service is a fundamental element in the marriage kit of a young woman who is about to begin married life. How to choose the right one then? Keeping in mind that personal tastes are the cornerstone of the choice of a dish service and that therefore one can prefer one from the more classic lines to one from more modern traits, in principle there are four variables to pay attention to: the use we will make of it, the material , design and price.

When we choose a dish service the first question to ask is: how do I want to use it?

In fact, in a kit that respects itself, at least two plate services are chosen:


  • one to use every day

  • one to use on the most important occasions

  • In the first case, in choosing the dishes to use daily we should ask ourselves questions of a practical nature: can it be easily damaged? Can it be used in the microwave oven? It is very expensive? Can I find a similar one if one or more dishes get damaged?

    In the second case instead, the choice of dishes to be used on important occasions falls more on factors relating to elegance, refinement, the design of the dish itself. Isn’t it nice that during the first dinner in the new house a couple of brides flaunt a set of dishes that become itself almost a furnishing complement?

    Even the choice of material is an important element to consider when choosing a dish service and it is a concept bound to the use. In fact the most used materials for the service of dishes are:


    • ceramics

    • la china

    • the plastic

    • Choosing a plate service in ceramic is usually associated to the daily use of a dish service, since it is a fairly resistant material, modest and therefore economical. The choice instead of a plate service in porcelain it is usually associated with the use made of it on special occasions because it is a very precious material, delicate and also very expensive . Choosing a plate service in plastic instead it is related to a completely modern taste, which prefers practicality and resistance.

      The design is relative to the choice of colors , of the size, and shape of the plates .

      Nowadays there are an infinite number of types of dishes, and even if everything depends on the taste of the buyer, there are still “basic rules” also in the choice of shape and color. For example, a more classic style prefers a dish with sober lines, delicate and preferably white, while a contemporary style imposes very few guidelines: it goes from the plate with square and hard lines to the colored glass plate to the one with oriental lines. Obviously another factor that falls into the sub-design category is that it is essential to consider is related to accessories < span style = "font-weight: 400; "> which accompany the serving of dishes: this type of glass matches the dish? If I choose a plate with squared lines what kind of cutlery should I choose? Can I combine this wine glass with this classic-style dish?

      There are some brands that offer a full service is therefore combined, but those who want to associate dishes and accessories in a completely personal way must, in principle, pay attention to style which wants to give to one’s table and rely on one’s good taste.

      Finally, price is another factor to consider when choosing a dish service. it may seem trivial but if you have decided to buy a porcelain dish service to use every day, you should also be aware that if you damage it, re-buying a piece can be very expensive.

      We hope that this little information can help those who plan to buy a dish service.

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