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Bridal set: what is the tradition of the first bed

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Almost all brides want a perfect wedding in every respect: the clothes, the reception, the location, the wedding list and the outfit are just some of the fundamental items that make up the success of a good party. There is therefore need for a long time for the preparations, without neglecting the traditions that can sometimes influence the organization and the times.

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One of the most famous rituals is the preparation of the first bed : how suggested by the name, it is the dressing of the bed that will welcome the first night of the new spouses to wish good luck e fertility . The preparation is not limited to just the bed, but extends to the whole house as it also arranges the equipment of the spouses in the new home.

A few days after the wedding, all the women of both families, except the bride, participate in this ritual.
According to tradition, not only the bride should not take part in dressing the first bed, but she should not see it ready until the wedding day.

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Representing a new beginning and a new starting point for the two loved ones, dressing the first bed provides a bed coordinated of fine tailoring or in any case of precious materials (generally silk o linen ), lace and laces, perhaps embroidered by hand by the bride as it used to be when the wedding date was expected.
This ritual continues to survive in a deep-rooted way in many families and new spouses, especially in southern Italy, but many couples prefer to spend their wedding night away from home, often to indulge themselves maximum relaxation.
After all, however, any choice will be fine if there is love.

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