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Healthy nutrition: the 5 mistakes to avoid in the kitchen

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To the following article we list the 5 mistakes to avoid for a healthy kitchen as not everyone knows well what is the right diet and which is the healthiest way to cook .
You know, health is the first thing and nutrition, in return, is not a matter to be taken lightly!

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# 1 – Excess of salt

Assume too much salt can be harmful to our body : increases calcium in the kidneys, hurts the stomach, promotes water retention and can cause high blood pressure. But it is also necessary to assume enough of it as it could lead to dehydration. The dose of salt recommended by doctors it is 4/5 grams of salt per day.

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# 2 – Cook at high temperatures

It often happens that you are late and, to cook quickly, you increase the flame of the fire: wrong! In reality there is only the sensation of cooking food in less time, but what you get are only burns external to foods (classic example is meat).
So, let’s measure the time well and arm ourselves with good patience!

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# 3 – Cold food from the fridge

Always as a matter of tight deadlines, we do not always expect a product just taken from the fridge or freezer to return to room temperature before cooking it. However, it may happen that not all foods are cooked evenly (classic example is meat or eggs for a dessert). It is enough, therefore, to let the cold food rest at least for about thirty minutes before cooking it.

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# 4 – Little attention

Anyone has happened to place all the foods in the pan and then go away to do something else, but a healthy kitchen is synonymous with attention: we must lend a lot to prevent the food from altering with harmful burns to our body.

# 5 – Wrong cookware

Also the choice of tools needs a lot of care: it must be quality to avoid pans, for example, produced with carcinogenic material and very harmful to our health.

Top of the range of cookware to be used is the AMC and the IMCO: highly recommended by every expert and by the most attentive cooks.

The AMC cookware batteries are special pans as they have a < / span> closed circulation cooking system : the food moisture rises to the lid, cooling down, to then fall back to the bottom, warming up again. This happens thanks to the presence of a thick bottom of the pans and to the particular lids of which the pans are equipped.

The IMCO cookware batteries , on the other hand, are based on waterless cooking system : thanks to the contained humidity of the food to be cooked, just cook over low heat and with tightly closed lid. It is therefore a cooking system that does not require the addition of water or any type of fat (like oil or butter).

These, are examples of cooking that can be taken for a healthy and beneficial cuisine.

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Just know the secrets and avoid beginners’ mistakes to get excellent results without losing taste!

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