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Linen set: the definitive guide

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What exactly is a kit made up of? What do we talk about when we think of Linen as set ? We will try to shed light on this definitive guide on bathroom, kitchen, table and bed linen.

The speech is definitely vast, but it is worth investigating, especially if you are about to buy a kit for a special occasion, for yourself or to make a welcome gift to a friend.

The laundry is divided according to the functions it can perform. For example, the bath linen of a kit generally consists of towels and bathrobes. These can be in canvas (much thinner and with a shorter drying time), in sponge (more bulky but with an absorbency far greater than the others) or in fabric with honeycomb . This last material represents the classic middle ground between absorption capacity and space. The “classic” outfit of the Italian bride sees inside 38 pieces, divided into: 8 terry towels, 8 linen towels, 12 small terry towels for the bidet, 6 medium towels that are generally offered to guests, 2 bathrobes and 2 bath mats. Some fabrics of the bath kit are soaked with essences, such as Aloe, which also serve as emollients for the skin during use, as well as obviously giving a pleasant aroma to the kit.

Another type of linen in the kit is the table one. Includes all the pieces you need for the mise en place , or set the table with kitchen accessories.
The tablecloth , is an example. There is no “standard set” for both size and shape. The right tablecloth, in a kit, is the one that best fits the table that will host it. So, in the name of fantasy, this can be oval, rectangular or even perfectly circular. In this last case you have to be very careful in choosing, as even just a few centimeters less would mean leaving a large section of the dining table uncovered!
Do not miss the American placemats for breakfast, centerpieces, cloth napkins (inevitable in the case of ceremonies or holidays that bring together the whole family).
The kitchen linen instead generally includes some linen and cotton towels, very useful for drying freshly washed dishes. Tea towels, oven gloves, fabric pot holders and the inevitable kitchen aprons, make up the rest of the outfit, making the complete set.
If in the first case there is a difference in the materials to be used, depending on the formality of the situation (from the linen fiandra to the chic events to the simple cotton for the simple Sunday family lunches), there is no no limit for fabrics used in kitchen linen.

Last, but certainly not least, is the bed linen . This consists of a set whose particularity is the type of fabric that must be one hundred percent natural. Pillowcases, sheets, duvet, duvet cover … It does not matter which piece you are talking about: to avoid difficulty in breathing, storage of mites and allergies, bedding must maintain a very high standard of materials, otherwise a sleep is not clear or, in cases extremes, the onset of sleep problems. Silk, cotton and linen are the most used materials. All natural and all hypoallergenic.

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