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Choose tablecloths: uses and fabrics

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Any corredo “classic” worthy of respect makes the tablecloth its diamond point and plans to purchase four for daily use and at least two for use on special occasions . Therefore the parameters to consider for the choice of tablecloths are at least two:


  • the use that intends to do it

  • the material they are made of

  • The use
    Depending on the intended use, tablecloths can be very different from each other, both in the fabric and in the features. The tablecloths that are used daily must not be answered to particular parameters, indeed, colors and patterns < / span> choices very much follow the tastes and personality of those who buy. In fact, usually tablecloths for everyday use can range from neutral colors and sober fantasies to fluorescent colors and patterns of all kinds and types. Nowadays then it happens more and more often that to meet the demands of a hectic life we ​​choose to replace the tablecloth with placemats ‘American : each diner is his own and they are usually built in rectangular form with fairly resistant materials.

    The tablecloths used instead for the special occasions must follow a real label: for a elegant dinner in fact it is preferable to use a plain colored tablecloth, which presents at most light nuances but which always remain in neutral shades of white, cream, ivory. It must be laid on the table without creasing after being carefully ironed and it must fall back to the sides of the table in a perfectly parallel manner. Not that it can be called a substitute, but the runner represents the closest thing to formality in a modern key: in fact its use is foreseen for special occasions and it is a strip of fabric 50cm wide that covers the seats of two diners positioned facing each other.

    The material

    The material used to make the tablecloths is inevitably linked to the use made of them. If it is in fact a tablecloth used daily, the fabrics can be very varied and range from cotton to plastic, without counting the different materials from which the placemats that are also spreading rapidly: plastic, bamboo, wood, fabric. A type of tablecloth whose use is spreading more and more is that of stain-resistant tablecloth , whose appearance is very similar to a normal cotton tablecloth but is covered by a small layer of acrylic film that makes it impermeable to stains. If it’s special occasions, elegant dinners and various types of events: tablecloth must be strictly linen, silk or cotton , very delicate white and often embroidered: the classic grandmother’s tablecloth that we all saw at least once in a lifetime.

    We therefore hope to have clarified on the basis of which parameters to choose the right tablecloth for every occasion.

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