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Marriage, first steps not to be neglected to organize it

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Marriage at the gates? Well, nothing better than to start immediately to organize it down to the smallest detail. The first stages to be realized, are among the most difficult, but also very exciting to begin to imagine right away the best day for a couple.

Church and restaurant, be careful to fix them immediately before organizing other stages of the wedding

The date of the wedding is the first very important stage to set. In this regard and, especially where the choice falls in the summer months, it is required to move much earlier to book church and restaurant. The ideal would be the possibility of coordinating both and immediately fixing the date to block the places of the religious ceremony and reception.

For the church, it is a good idea to start from the bride’s own and talk to the priest to find out the available dates based on the period chosen to celebrate the wedding . Otherwise, it is possible to evaluate other churches. However, there is an obligation to request permission from your church before proceeding to choose another option. For the restaurant, it’s a good idea to browse the internet and define a list of 3 or 4 locations to visit in person. Stop the date, however, only if a positive response has also been obtained from the church about the presence of the same date. It is to be considered, also a preventive evaluation of the budget to be allocated to the main wedding expenses, before continuing the research and stopping the relative date.

Other important steps for the organization of marriage, the choice of the main suppliers

From the choice of the date, the subsequent steps on the organization of the wedding, concern the main suppliers and the payment of an advance to stop their services. Inevitable, among the first stages of this research, to define:

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