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How to make a wedding menu, online quotes and research

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Quotes and online research are the best there is to make a wedding menu better. Allow, to have a fairly complete idea, on those that are the services offered by the catering and with an eye also to the economic factor and the maximum expenses to be able to realize.

From online research to estimates, first steps to make a wedding menu better

In person, of course, you get a good selection of the best wedding menu. However, it is not possible to run all the beloved restaurants in person, but with appropriate online searches, it is possible to perform a filter on four or five preferences. It may be useful to use specialized sites on wedding planning. In particular, using a search engine to also define the maximum budget you can spend.

Furthermore, it must be considered that the type of wedding menu to be budgeted and the related cost , also depends on the type of location chosen. In this regard, you can read here: Wedding locations, what to evaluate for the best choice. There are, in fact, details with respect to the most popular locations among restaurants, holiday farms and villas or castles and the main services offered for catering.

What absolutely must not be missing in a good wedding menu

After an initial search on the internet and after setting a first budget with respect to how much you can spend on a wedding menu, we are ready to go in person and ask for a quote. Here is some information that should not be missing for a good restaurant organization:


  • Services included. A good location, not only provides the classic table service for wedding lunch and dinner. In fact, other useful services can be provided, such as hors d’oeuvres for outdoor parties, a welcome corner before the bride and groom’s arrival or a cake corner at the end of the wedding lunch or dinner. It is important to ask if these services are included or not in the final cost of the wedding menu.
    Cake. Many locations offer the wedding cake on the menu. Alternatively, you can also turn to pastry shops and still get a quality product, if not included in the wedding menu.
    First . Meat or fish, it is useful to negotiate the type of menu to be made and whether to include one or more. In this case, it is necessary to create a good trust with the location, since if for example many appetizers have been served before, it is perhaps preferable to have only one first. As an alternative, it is possible to foresee two tastings of the first, where there are quite abundant appetizers.
    Second and fruit . Also in this case, the type of second course to be made and the fruit must be carefully negotiated. Avoiding two seconds can be a good move, not even to over-burden guests.

  • The final organization of the wedding dinner and dinner is also to be established, opting for locations that offer the possibility of organizing the cutting of the cake outside.

    From the menu test to wedding events, what else can help in choosing the wedding menu

    In addition to a quote, the possibility offered by a restaurant, to be able to perform a menu test or to participate in event evenings must also be evaluated. In the first case, more dishes will be proposed to the spouses. The latter will be able to taste in person various dishes and decide which to insert or not within their wedding menu. In the second case, it is the same location that organizes an event. Usually once or twice a year, there are meetings where all the main dishes are shown for a menu for all spouses.

    An opportunity, also to compare oneself with other spouses, on the reputation of the location and on how to best realize a wedding menu. Word of mouth and the presence of good opinions on the internet, additional elements to compare multiple quotes and choose what to include among the dishes to serve their guests and make the wedding dinner unforgettable.

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