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Armando De Nigris, one of the most popular wedding planners in Naples

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You have just read our latest article on the Wedding planner, a figure increasingly requested by the spouses for the organization of the wedding < / strong> and look forward to getting to know one of the best in Campania? Well, now we finally reveal his name! It is Armando De Nigris, one of the best known in the organization of events. He began his career at a very young age in Rome before the opening of a new headquarters in Naples in 2014.

Winners of many awards and still today at the forefront in the sector of wedding organization in Naples

Neapolitan and also winner of several awards in the field of wedding organization, such as that of Ziwa (Zankyou Internationa wedding awards) in which he was the winner in three regions (Campania, Lazio and Lombardy).

Armando De Nigris is still in the limelight, and has managed to establish himself as one of the best and most loved by Campane brides. Very attentive to training and with several active courses throughout Italy including those of the famous Enzo Miccio. Active, even in the organization of weddings especially in Campania as well as authoritative courses to become a wedding planner. This profession, in fact, is at the height of its splendor and increasingly in demand to obtain a trusted guide in choosing the best suppliers based on a predefined budget. This figure, after a first meeting with the spouses, defines a path and a precise organization on marriage , always leaving the last word to the spouses.

What are the main services offered by the wedding planner Armando De Nigris

Continuous training and a personalized event based on the tastes of the spouses, these are the strengths of one of the most requested wedding planners in Naples. On the website of Armando De Nigris, lots of information on the services provided. Offer, the possibility of relying on your staff both for the entire organization of the wedding or even just for some of its aspects. It is in fact possible to choose between a complete service that provides a first consultancy and wedding planning for the management of all the details, up to the possibility of being able to request an intervention during construction on what missing to define the last organizational details. Moreover, the professionalism of Armando De Nigris, is also in allowing a do-it-yourself organization with remote assistance with a digital planner.04

Important newspapers of the local Neapolitan panorama and of the wedding sector, which can also be consulted on its official website, write about him. In particular, how his profession began almost by accident and how he soon became passionate about this work, combining tradition with innovation to keep up with the times. Even on the industry forums, it is possible to outline a much loved profile of the bride. Especially appreciated is his ability to listen to create an event as personalized as possible.

How to contact the wedding planner Armando De Nigris

To contact the wedding planner Armando De Nigris, we recommend you visit his official channel. Inside it, precious information that immediately allows us to understand who we are facing. This thanks to a detailed description of how he started working in the sector, plus other curiosities. There is also an interesting blog where you can explore some of the hottest topics for a first organization and why it is important to rely only on professionals in the sector.

An entire section with the wedding name, on the other hand, allows you to have an idea about the types of services offered. Among the advantages, being able to choose between a total or partial package or even simply a digital consultation. An online chat allows you to request the main information you want very quickly. It is also possible to send an email or instant message on the social facebook channel.

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