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Bride preparations, what is essential to organize before the wedding

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Every wedding does not begin as it is customary to think only from the preparations for the ceremony in the church, but on the contrary, it starts from early morning with various preparations at the bride’s house. Frantic hours, where the calm around the bride and a small organization, will be able to make her reach the ceremony at its best. What should you not miss? A small table for simple refreshment for guests and an elegant bedspread for the bride’s dressing phase and first photos of the photographer.

The intense organization for the preparation marries on the morning of the wedding

The wedding day is full of emotions and, especially for the bride, they leave early in the morning. There is indeed an intense organization for the preparation of the bride and that involves many people like:


  • Makeup artist and hairdresser. They are the very first people to enter the bride’s house and with the delicate task of preparing her for make-up and hairstyle. It is the practice of many photographers to foresee a small backstage of the wedding and that starts from the first photos in a dressing gown with little makeup to the final photos with the wedding dress and the final hairstyle and make-up.

  • Photographer. It has the most exciting task to take up every moment of preparation of the bride with photos and videos that naturally capture the most beautiful moments.

  • Obviously the bride’s parents are also in the foreground. The latter will have the task of welcoming both staff and guests, as well as taking care of two fundamental aspects of marriage preparation. First of all there is a refreshment or a small welcome aperitif for those who go to the bride’s home for good wishes. Secondly, the preparation of the bed for the photographer’s backstage and for the first photos of the bride in a dressing gown and then in a wedding dress.

    Why make a small and simple refreshment for guests

    Refreshment is a nice tradition created for guests who decide not to go directly to church and to go to the bride’s home for their first wishes. However, a strict schedule is not present as in the case of photographers or hairdressers. It is known that early in the morning, one is busy among the various preparations for the bride and it is not polite to appear too early. That is why, this nice tradition can be organized calmly and also be a good opportunity to relax before going to the church ceremony.

    It should be pointed out that this is a small and simple refreshment with small pastry products and fruit juices. Alternatively, it is also possible to provide savory appetizers and refreshing drinks. Furthermore, a certain elegance must be respected on the mise en place, using white and embroidered tablecloths (maybe one or two extra pieces purchased for the bride’s outfit and to be used for this occasion).

    The dressing of the bride, the magical moment immortalized in the first wedding photos

    And the bride’s bed? This is also a very important part of preparing for marriage at the bride’s home. It must be taken care of in detail, since it will be the protagonist of the first photos of the bride in a robe and with a dress. Also in this case, it is possible to find some additional pieces of the bride kit and place them on the bed only for this event.

    How should the bed be prepared? Generally it is to choose an elegant white bedspread and with possible embroideries above. The hand-finished rebrode lace or the pure cotton with Valencienne lace and applications of satin and lace roses are highly appreciated. Everything you need to recreate an elegant yet simple environment to accompany the setting for the preparation of the bride and dressing with the chosen dress and shoes.

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