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Choosing to use Giordano Corredi’s kit linen is like traveling in the clouds

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The highlight of Giordano Corredi is the outfit linen. Just looking at it is very soft and wraps you in a unique delicacy that immediately makes you want to touch it. In fact it represents more than half of the store between collections , sets centers , quilts of bed , bed sheets and towels . Later on we go on with time and less tradition of the old days, despite the fact that this experience is always unforgettable for the mother and her daughter, the future bride. These two people are the two fundamental pillars of this tradition because the outfit is a memory that will remain forever. Today’s trend has shifted from artisan and exclusive garments with embroideries made by hand to more practical and everyday items.

Used materials

Giordano Corredi sells to his newly married couples the kit linen or the classic ‘ Primo bed’ . As tradition dictates, even Giordano Corredi produces the ‘First bed’ handcrafted mainly in linen with rebrode lace hand-finished. The linen fabric is the one that caresses your skin gently leaving you wanting to go over it again on the fabric. Each quilt or quilt is in silk satin so that even the padding does not hurt on contact with the skin. Even the sheets have a excellent fabric quality and lots of style . They are made of a natural and delicate material like cotton or silk to stay in touch with the skin that, with their embroidered designs, gives the feeling of traveling Between the clouds. In addition, between the linen supplied and between the collections, sometimes there is also a set centers with 3 pieces to furnish your table in the dining room or the table in your living room or any piece of furniture in your new home. Among the collections there are two sets of towels: a couple of towels for you and a couple for your guests. They are made of linen to give relief and a prolonged pleasure to your freshly washed hands and those of your guests. Moreover, these too are embroidered with rebrode lace finished by hand.

Various uses

The linen supplied can be used for:


  • go on vacation or when you go on a trip;

  • when you have guests

  • Use throughout the year

    Giordano Corredi has decided to let newly married couples use his outfit all the year . In fact, with quilts and trapuntino , young spouses can cover their double bed at any time of the year without changing their bedroom style and collection chosen that time of the year.

    Opportunity with Giordano Corredi

    If you buy Giordano Corredi’s linen, it is immediately available an offer for you of 10 € per week to use as you wish.

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